Gifford Pinchot NF rivers/streams

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by 2fishies, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. I am headed to the GP NF and am interested in any opinions on the rivers in the area. I am thinking either the Cowlitz River, the Lewis River, or the Green River East of Castle Rock. I know they are not too close to each other but does anyone know if there are steelheads in these?? Also, what types of flies should I be using? I have several different patterns of dry's (parachutes, stimulators, caddis, even some cicada's) and some pheasant tail beadhead nymphs.

    Thanks for any info!!
  2. I would suggest the upper NF Lewis for trout. I fished there last Thursday, from the mouth of the Muddy River upstream 1/2 mile and had a blast. Fishing was excellent for cutts and bows. Most of the fish were caught on drys. Unless you like Extreme combat fishing I would stay away from the Green and lower Lewis. These two rivers become the snagfest capital of the world this time of year. Although the upper sections of the Green (above the hatchery) have a few Steelhead, but I think all the access has been closed by Weherhaueser.

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