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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Trevor Thorp, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Sounds like Friday Feb. 5 in Edmonds

    Chris, I think that is about as far north as it gets. Not a bad drive from B'ham. Does that work for you?

    How about the other west side guy, Bonzai? Walk on the ferry with Mumbles.

    Steve, your the only south sound one. Does the date work?
  2. I think the 5th is okay but I'm not sure I even know how to get to Edmionds. You'll have to send some directions. I'll let you know for sure.
  3. Maybe some other local crazies will come in for a brew...Jeff Bandy?
  4. Yup, I'll be there!
  5. I have to tell you guys. I've tied several test patterns and have found only one so far that really works for me. The gift wrap stuff, I have found, is very stiff and difficult to work with. I've got a couple other ideas but this is far more of a challenge than it appears.
  6. Hey guys, unfortunately I'll be down in San Diego and won't be able to attend but I'll tie some up and ship it out to you guys if that is allowed.
    My apologies for the late notice!

    I've tried a couple patterns with some different pattern ribbons I have and like Steve said, some of this stuff is hard to use! I'll figure something out though.
  7. I'll have to mail mine out too as I only have Tues/Wed off. Plus I start my shift at 2200 hrs and go to 0600. Still yet to find a pattern I'm happy with.
  8. Banzai, if you get them to me I'll hand carry them.
  9. We still meeting at Rory's in Edmonds this coming Friday the 5th? I'm still up for the meet but need to get it on the calendar if we are a go. Banzai, still willing to meet you and bring yours over with me and bring back your share. We can meet around your new work schedule, let me know. If we're not on are we mailing? Beer always tastes better when shared with friends instead of through the mail.
  10. I will be mailing mine out tomorrow or tuesday at the latest so Daconil should have them before Friday.
  11. Ed, Can I get them to you Thursday? I can meet you at your workplace. Just a headsup though, these flies are atrocious.
  12. Gene, yes you can. You can call me, or just drop them off at the front desk (our front desk is the one on the left as you enter). I'm sure your version of "atrocious" is a gross exaggeration on your part. See you Thursday.
  13. Rory's sounds like the place. I am not familiar with Edmonds so I am happy to go where ever. When is a good time? 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock, what works for everyone?
  14. Either time works for me.
    Since you are taking the boat Ed, what's convenient for you??
  15. Easy to walk on and walk two blocks. I'm game with either, it is on my calendar of events for the evening.
  16. I'm leaving from school at 4:00ish and will make my way to Edmonds. I've never been there so I need plenty of time to get there on a Friday Night, northbound. Don't anyone feel bad about their flies. Mine look like dogmeat. I've tried about six different patterns and the crap just doesn't tie very well. It's a lesson in what not to use as material for making fishable flies. Great challenge , though.
  17. I've had to cut down my materials. After playing around with different ribbon material, I realized most of them shred apart from cuts. I ended up using some sort of a gold piping material that seems to atleast hold its shape when wrapped around. Mine's not the prettiest or the most innovative unfortunately :/ hope i don't dissapoint. Will send tomorrow with a sample of the gold piping material.
  18. I,m sorry, but I won't be @ the swap, I'm working tables at the district wrestling tournament fri. night and saturday. I'll get my flies in the mail first thing tomorrow.
  19. Guys as I said earlier I will be attending the swap, but I might be there at around 7:00 (hopefully sooner) because my wife reminded me that we have an appt. with our accountant (yes it's that time of year again) at 5:30.
  20. Probably the crappiest ties I've done since I started tying. The materials are stiff and unravel readily. Materials look pretty but give me a reason to appreciate the materials manufacturers all much more. The flies suck. The best part is the hooks.

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