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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Trevor Thorp, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Normally off on Fridays I will be working part of or all of the day. I'll be there at 6 or as soon as I can make it. I think Banzai and I are meeting up for him to pass his flies along to me.
  2. Shit! I just looked at my vise and the last fly I tied for the swap is still sittin in the jaws, so I'm going to be short 1 fly, sorry guy's.
  3. Anybody here yet? I'm standing outside and have no idea what you guys look like lol
  4. Nice meeting everyone tonight. Sorry I had to take off early. I made it out to everett in record time. left Rory's at 7:25 and got there at exactly 7:42 PM. 10 minutes late but not too bad.
    Hope you guys had some good eats and good drinks. Hope to fish you guys soon. PM me anytime, I usually fish saturday mornings so I'll be around.

    Ed - I got your big red fly tied on my tippet right now. Gonna go swing your fly on the sky tomorrow. If I catch my 2010 winter steely on it, we gotta celebrate!
  5. Chris, I look forward to reading that report and celebrating with you. Good luck, great meeting you.
    Good to see the rest of you too, it has been some time since I've seen you other three crafty tiers. Nice looking flies from materials that proved pretty tough to work with. Not a problem fishing any fly in the bunch either. Thanks Daconil for setting this up...left the swap and got that trailer I went to check out...a few minor flaws that were previously undisclosed saved me a lot of money! Great night with great guys, flies and a new toy hauler.
  6. Chris it was a pleasure meeting you and Daconil last night too.
    Great to converse with you again Ed, i'm still impressed at the flies you tied, very nice! Now that you have a trailer
    let me know when you want to hit a lake in the area.
    And it was great to see you again Steve and that you're feeling much better since the last time we talked, anytime you
    want to head out to the Green let me know...
    Fridays are mostly open for me unless i'm asked to work and the weekends are always open for me too.
  7. It was great to see all and Richard, I will take you up on the fishing though I'm usually busy with school on Fridays. I suspect I could take a "peraonal" day some day just to get away. I get three a year but rarely use them. It might be fun.
  8. Screw all this talking bullshit. Let's get together, use the flies in this swap and post a killer report.
  9. Ed, i will say...when I was at the Hoh yesterday, near Willoughy, the bite that I got was on the big red fly you gave me. that things got a profile in water to make a steelhead shit his pants into biting it.
  10. Well where's the picture of the fish Chris???

    Name the place and time Ed or I will...

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