Giving a gun as a gift?

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  1. Pardon me if there is an easy answer to this on the net, but I didn't find one. And searching for "washington" gun topics on google typically just gives you a lot of stuff about DC.

    I've got a buddy who has helped me more than I can imagine with building projects. Helped me re-do a kitchen. helped me build a home office in the shop, and now that he's got a couple weeks off, he's on me about putting a second story "storage loft" in my shop before baby #2 shows up. He knows how much it stresses my wife out to have so little storage space in our house and this would help a ton. And yet, he won't let me actually hire him for any of this.

    In short he's a great friend and I'd like to do something cool for him. He's been talking about picking up one of those mosin nagant surplus rifles for a project. And I know he's been wanting a plinker .22 pistol like the Walther P22 or Buckmark that we've been debating in my other thread.

    So I'm wondering if it's legal for me to buy a gun and give it to someone. Is it different or easier for a handgun vs a long gun? Should I just forget about it and buy him a nice bottle of scotch instead?
  2. Perhaps you could arrange to get a "gift certificate" redeemable at a/the gun shop. May alleviate comprimising your position.
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  4. It's legal as long as your friend can legally possess firearms.
  5. Yep... And nothing is cooler than a firearm as a gift. It would make you a major cool dude. :thumb:
  6. Your a good friend and good to go as a gift from you.....that is as long as your buddy is not a convicted felon or had issues with assault on anyone. You can also write a " bill of sale" , instead of a $$ amount. Just right in " A gift $.00" and make sure the serial # is also noted. Take it to your local Police department and have them witness transfer of owner ship or you can take it to a gun shop and ask the FFL dealer to transfer it (register) it to your friend. The shop will charge you $25.00 for the paper work and FBI check on your buddy.
  7. I once got a gun for my trade I ever made.

    Sorry, but this was ripe for the Oldest Joke I Know....
  8. Funny but it can happen the other way to. I traded an old snowmobile for Amie in a matter of speaking
    Had an old friend I had know since JR High introduce me to her while in Idaho while I was there doing some snowmobiling with him.
    Left a snowmobile behind after that trip for him to sell for me when I left town.
    Amie and me after talking every night on the phone for hours for a couple months till one day I invited her to move in with me.
    He meanwhile sold the sled for $300, kept the money and left town owing me the money from the sale of the sled and owing money to many other people both friends and family and move from Idaho to Georgia to live with his wives family. I now hear that they had enough of him or something and he now back somewhere in Idaho. But that’s another story.
    The sled was an old 1993 Exciter which even then while still fun to ride was really out of date by then. So I feel that I got the better end of things in the end. Course more then likely I should have sent the guy packing many years before the sled incident since it was not the first time he ripped me off.
    Guess I kept him around just long enough in the end to meet Amie my main fishing, shooting and boating partner.
    Course now I wonder if I can get a 2nd women in trade for my other snowmobile a 1997 Skidoo Summit built with a bit of aftermarket stuff.
    Course I would also trade it for a nice gun now days having more use for a good gun then a snowmobile.
    Sorry not looking to trade Amie since she herself is pretty good with a gun and would put a load of lead in me if I tried. Also since my family all loves her so well they would more then likely fill me full of lead as well if I did.

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