Giving up

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by mpirak, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. You can do that with a 9' single-handed rod.

  2. I hate to say it. I think your ready to go back to the other side.

    You can do it.
  3. Go over to the dark side? So much for being a spey jedi.
    A big reason I'm interested in DH casting is that I have a chronic elbow problem and a day of DH (even if poorly done) is lots less taxing on the joint.
  4. Are you wading to deep? Have you made an attempt to cast from your other side? Some people have trouble with a Skagit style line (I believe they only work with true Skagit rods). A simple long line with a moderate belly (like a windcutter) could be something to try, so people enjoy them. Its seems like you have worked with the best, Mike K. and could just be two handed challenged and that's OK. I still suck and have more time in than you. A level of confidence plateaus and you will reach the next step, just remember your limitations of your rod, and not your limitations. It seems everyone new in the game is caught up in the pictures and movies, have seen the killer 140' laser loop. As long as you realize your not going to punch out 120' lasers with every cast ,be happy if you can control 60' lengths of line. My 2 cents for what its worth. Just remember we all went through it and your special that's Just kidding- the dark side is waiting.
  5. 24 replies now and we have learned--
    1. switch is harder than a longer rod. In fact any cast you make with a single hander can be made with a 2 hander as the rod gets shorter the accuracy of the anchor gets a bit more exacting.
    2. Not sure your teachers have taught you anything and have no clue as to why not.
    3. Your rod and line set up is wrong. Not sure why a teacher has not corrected this, first to match what they think it should be, and second to match what you need to learn. From what was said earlier and from line/rod specs from Rio and Airflo your rod works best with 580 to 640, as the total for skagit head including tip, and you are over 700 right now.
    4. It may be possible that you just can not learn, like Fred I find that hard to believe.

  6. Don't give up.
    Give yourself permission to suck at this for a while.
    how many actual fishing/casting days have you put in during those three years?

    Good, focused practice is essential to develop good casting habits.
    pardon my dumassity, where's Stanwood?
  7. The solution to your problem is responded to in the first page and reiterated in the last few posts here. So...... I'm not sure why you think your question hasn't been answered?????????????? That is unless your comprehension skills are as poor as you casting issues.
  8. 1. Get "skagit master" dvd

    2. Go get lessons from mike kenney

    3. Make it out to the red shed next fall...

    Keep going...
  9. Well, you aren't alone. I have been "learning" to spey cast for several years and I still suck at it. I keep trying, though and with a little help and concentration, I'm getting better. I'd recommend you get ahold of a DVD entitked Rio's Modern Spey Casting. It is done mostly by Simon Gawesworth with help from several others and covers Spey casting and Switch Rod casting. There's a huge difference in the arm angle and lower hand movements. The basics are covered very well with plenty of explanantion. I've watched it several times and have been able to diagnose a lot of faults in my casting. Whether that evolves into better casting remains to be seen. You should be able to get it at a library or you can buy it for about $50. It's three DVDs and takes several hours to go through it but the basics are to get the single Sey cast down first and then go from there.
  10. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions and other comments.

    Stanwood is about 50 miles north of Seattle.
  11. I'm not an expert but I felt compelled to respond to this thread and get my 2 worthless cents in. The only thing I can tell you that might help your casting would be the same old two words that my mentor would say to me over and over again. Matter of fact these two word were about all he told me about two handed casting. Perhaps that is why I am not an expert. Oh, the two words? SLOW DOWN! There, now you have the secret to successful two handed casting. By the way, quit if you like. Means one less person on the water I have to deal with.
  12. I'd give up.

    Go Sox,
  13. When your on the water, practice first, fish second...meaning don't match the fly and sink tip to the river conditions, practice with a consistent tip and leader length, fly size and tip weight.

    While practicing you'll catch that incidental steelhead, if you put your time in.

    Keep at it you'll get it,


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