Glacier NP Info?

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  1. Now we are having pizza and movie night and rolling out in the morning.

    Bill might make a stop in Moses Lake.

    Hoped to leave this afternoon and fish the evening hatch on the Yakima, no dice. Tomorrows plan will be to get to Spokebekistan. Might spend the night there, family member deal on a room. Despite my fussing, it is nice to have meandering plans and not be on too tight a schedule.
  2. Will just miss you. Donna and I hit West Glacier on the the 17th and leave with Hilary and Shane Hutcheson on the 18th for a four day fishing floats on the Middle Fork Flathead.
  3. Yup, will be headed home when you are headed in. Have a great trip!
  4. Safe trip, Ed. Get a new camera card, too; plenty of stuff to photograph along the way!
  5. Are you able too get this message before getting to the park? If so pm me for the best secret ever for glacier park.
  6. Finally, the train has left the station. Half a dozen errands that must be done right now and we may eventually be headed east.
  7. Left 90 to pass through Ephrata where I saw the fly shop vending machine at Desert Fly Angler.

    The worlds largest lava lamp, supposedly in Soap Lake, eluded our visit. I think that the 60' lava lamp is a hoax.

    Dry Falls is a geologic treasure, glad I finally got out this way.

    The Grand Coulee Dam was our final stop of the day. 10pm laser light show and history of the project was nice.

    Off to bed!

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  8. You should think of getting off the beaten path. Try going up thru the Yaak valley. Follow Hwy 2 from Spokane tell a little after you enter Montana. Then take Yaak valley Libby dam road. NF92. Then South onto South fork road. NF68. That will put you in Libby. Long way around but really nice.
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  9. I'll have to let Darce know you were impressed with the tackle vending machine: He also installed a little camera to catch the expressions of the people who see it for the first time, so you're probably on Youtube now!:D
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  10. Thanks Jeff, I will look at the route on the map.

    Alex, likely caught on camera drooling over the three large streamer pack that signals meaty snack for the big boys. Machine had a nice selection of flies for various fisheries and essentials. Well done to Darc.
  11. The streams are beginning to come down now, so by the time you get back, things might be pretty good: keep your fingers crossed!
  12. From Grand Coulee Dam WA to Troy MT via Spokane. Amazing country.
    Scablands, coulees, farmlands, rivers, falls, lakes, foothills, mountains and cool little towns we are not even to the destination yet and the adventure has been totally worth it.
  13. I'm glad to read you actually got on the road. Seemed like it could have gone either way there for a bit. And the scenery gets even better.
  14. Arrive in West Glacier this afternoon. Stopped by Arens Fly Shop in Columbia Falls for some recommendations in the park. Bob was quick to suggest a few hikes and flies for some good chances. His dad Bob was cool too! Nice shop with a lot of great things for the angler/outdoor enthusiast. Thanks to Builder for the suggestion! I owe you big time!
  15. Ed,

    I've got a book on fishing GNP. Shoulda' lent it to ya' before ya' left . . .
  16. Builder sent me one. Plenty of info for this trip. One million square acres, we explored a chunk today... Flathead NF too. Moose Lake gave up west slopes early and often.
  17. Holy shit this place is awesome tons of diving, sure. Worth every minute. Watched a black bear feast on moose carcass twice today. image.jpg
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  18. Well Ed, we can't say you're "unbearable" now!
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  19. Ed, it's perfectly safe to walk up a lot closer and get a better photo of the bears in Glacier. If they are distracted by eating like this one is, you can probably even pet them.
  20. We don't have this kind of stuff down in Moses Lake. Best we'd have is a magpie picking over a roadkill skunk. Magpies can't smell for those who are curious.
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