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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by FlyGirl2007, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Ha Ha! I see how it is... Hopefully my taxes will be in the mail tomorrow...

    Congrats on finishing your flies! Look forward to seeing them!
  2. Received Chattmr's damel nymphs. Fantastic flies!!!! :thumb:
  3. So I know that it doesn't look like spring outside...we're getting close to May. I I had hail on my deck along with sun breaks. Go figure. Just wanted to remind you there is about a month left in the swap...everyone ready???
  4. I am almost done, they will be in the mail first of the week.
  5. Marty let me know that his flies are in the mail today... Yay!
  6. Will be done shortly, with a gunmetal beaded stone. Send an address when you get a chance.
  7. Finally got a PO Box! So I'll publish my mailing address without too much fear! So here you go!

    P.O. Box 2424
    Issaquah, WA 98027-0110

  8. Received Marty's flies today! Way cool! :thumb:

  9. Finishing my second pattern tomorrow, should be in post by Monday.

  10. Just came back from the post office. Stones are on the way.
  11. Forgot to add this little reminder to everyone, the postage rates change next Monday. If you happen to ship to the swapmeister before then, remember to include the appropriate postage for the return trip, since these will most likely only be shipped in June. I would guess the postal clerk will eagerly alert you to this anyway. I always buy postage for a few ounces more than what is being sent, for the return trip, not knowing what type or size of flies are coming back.
  12. These two will begin their journey tomorrow.


  13. Daryle...

    Nice pictures!!! I'm excited to see them...

  14. Received Daryl's flies...NICE! Looks just like the picture! Thanks!

    How is everyone doing??? We have just over 15 days left (before they need to be in the mail)...So I hope you're tying away!

  15. Got Cruncher's them! Thanks!

    Still waiting to hear from a few on their progress...We're almost to the 50% mark! Only a couple of weeks left!
  16. Hey guys...(or at least I think all of you are guys??? Either way, I'm not too PC...)

    Anyway...was wondering how you guys are doing with your flies??? I have a few more to tie before I'm done. There are only FIFTEEN DAYS LEFT in the swap. I'd like to have the files in my PO Box by the 31st. PM me if you need extra time.

  17. Received Ron McNeal's (aka Wader) flies today. Sorry for the delay. The post office thought the package was too big for th box...and I'm sometimes lazy. So I just recently picked them up. Thanks for your patience!!!

    PS...Ron's Flead Nymph looks great. I'm excited to try it out!!!
  18. I'm one fly away from have my set done. Yay!!!

    REMINDER: There isn't any mail service on Monday (Memorial Day).

    Looking forward to sending you guys all your flies!
  19. Ron EE just PM'd me to let me know that his Iris & Black are in the mail!!! Wooohooo!!!

    I'm excited! :D
  20. My flies are done!!! :thumb:

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