Glass LMB and a YFT

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  1. I try to make one fish a week but got two in due to the holiday last Monday

    Need some opinions on this one. It doesn't show it well but the center green piece and the tail are dark green and the rest is a medium green. I think next one I'll either use a lighter green on the top or change the center green to a gray. Or just keep it as is. What do you think?


    I think the colors on the YFT came out OK

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  2. Looks good Alan. I still have mine hanging up. The Bass and Rainbow Trout. I remember you and I were collaborating on the colors for the Brook Trout, how did you ever make out?
  3. I think the LMB looks fine as-is. However, if you are keen to change anything, I'd go with a darker back color so it matches the tail. The actual critter has a darker back than the rest of the body.

    That's a huge advantage of coloring my cartoons with PhotoShop. It's easy to change colors if I don't like what I see. Guess you can't do that with stained glass.

    I think someone asked if you sell your artwork, I'd certainly be interested if you do. I have fish and flyfishing artwork displayed around the house and I think I could find a place for a stained glass piece.
  4. Gene - Site rules don't allow us to sell here unless we are a sponsor. I don't see why we can't trade. I'm always open for gear or art trades. As a matter of fact, I think I traded with NewTyer1 last year if I remember correctly. Let me know if that works for you.

    And NewTyer - I did make a few trout with your color suggestions and gave them to a local group for one of their auctions.
  5. I forgot about the rules. Sure, a trade works for me. I'll see what I have that might interest you.
  6. Allenro,
    I just looked at your work on photobucket. Just love the Fluke/Flounder but my favorite is the squid. "Awesome" as the young folk say.

    Colors on the LMB look fine to me.
  7. I thought they call things they like "sick"??? :D
  8. I thought of using "sick" but there is always the possibility of being misconstrued. Could have used "cool", that's still "in". Wanted to use "bodacious" but wasn't sure of the spelling. Figured "awesome" would do the trick.
  9. I can't relate to "sick". I remember when "boss" meant cool. Or "rad". Interesting that "cool" is still around. We baby boomers came up with that one. I still use it today.
  10. HaHa - You guys are Neat-O:cool:

  11. Allen, yes you did. And I still have them hanging proudly. Did you finally get the color right on the Brook Trout you were working on then?
  12. I can't even hardly remember 'neat-o'.....but I can hardly remember anything, for that matter. Boss? Yes. Bad? Yes. Awesome? Yes, unfortunately. Way too overused. I think the fish are beautiful. How's that? :)
  13. Very nice work! Are you using lead or copper foil? I like the "mean look" you put over the fish's eyes. Keep posting pics of your fish.
  14. Copper foil - You can't really get the detail using lead. I never met a happy bass:)
  15. How long are your glass fish?
  16. I guess they start around 13" and go up to 28" ( a guy from MA wanted a keeper striped bass). 13"-15" seem to be the most popular size range.

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