"Glass with Ass"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by miyawaki, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. miyawaki Active Member

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  2. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Leland will there be access to one of these this weekend at the party?
  3. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    It's great to see fiberglass being resurrected by Orvis and other companies/makers big and small. The new generation of glass rods are a step up in performance and aesthetics versus most of the old rods many of us grew up fishing in the 1970's and earlier. My own rod arsenal is now at about 3/4ths glass, and I only use graphite for rods 9' and longer.
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  4. miyawaki Active Member

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    Yes, we have all three


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  5. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    I love my 4wt Superfine Glass! Have it matched with a new Made In The USA CFO reel.
  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I think my first fly rod was a glass rod. Hell that was along time ago. I was about 24 or 25 when I bought it. It's getting harder to remember that far back. Some of those details get kind of fuzzy.
  7. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    That's what happens when you're always on the reefer old man.;)
  8. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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    Been thinking about a really small creek rod. May need to go cast one of these.
  9. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    Now if they would only come with a 1970s price tag!!!
  10. Randall Clark Active Member

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    I for one am happy to see a few larger companies get into the "glass game"...while I'll always have one of my Steffens wherever I fish, it'll be nice to try out some of these other offerings. I fish glass probably 95% of the time and regularly use 4-9wts in glass. Even if the real reason for Orvis, Redington, and Echo getting into the game is to grab themselves a new slice of pie, I think it can only improve each other's rod design with the material.
  11. Mike Garritson Member

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    Second! After doing nothing but spey and switch rod fishing, a light, short, small creek rod is a blast.
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  12. jordan101 Member

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    I originally bought this for small creeks but have enjoyed fishing lakes with it as well. It has more power than you think. I have the 4wt and it shoots line a long ways. Leland, I will in for the 5wt soon.

  13. jwg Active Member

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    Got any specific favorites or recommendations.
    For reference I do have a couple of the Cabelas cgr, 3 and 5/6 wt.
  14. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    Jay - Yes, I definitely have some favorites:

    -- Anything from Mark Steffen, though even among his rods, the 8'0" 3/4, 5/6, and 6/7 are standouts, plus the 7'0" 5wt. The latter 3 rods are my go-to small stream streamer rods. You cannot lose with a Steffen.

    -- Wojnicki 77P4 and 227P4 - expensive but incredible performers are nice to look at.

    -- Larry Kenny 7'3" 3wt - The perfect small stream 3wt, but keep in mind that a 3wt in glass or cane has a step less power than a 3wt in graphite, so this rod is good only for dries #12 and smaller, and preferably in little to no wind.

    -- Scott Fibertouch (the older black blank series) - For quicker glass, this is a great transition from graphite for a first-time glass rod user. I still have the 601 (rated a 1wt but I use a 3wt line on it) and the 703 (rated a 3wt but I use a 4wt line). Love them. I also like the new yellow Scott F2 653, but hated the 774 which I thought was too wimpy for a mid-length 4wt. The tip is just way too soft IMO...YMMV.

    I just got a Swift Epic 8'6" 6wt that I've only lawn cast, but has great potential. I can't recommend it yet, but it's one to look at IMO. I also have the 580 on order now and should have it sometime in March.

    Also good based on my own and others' recommendations: Anything from the black blank Diamondback Diamondglass series, the GREEN blank Cabelas CGR (not the brown CGT, which most people think sucks), anything by Mike McFarland (though his are hard to come by and the waiting list is very long). Mike McFarland has started a new rod company with a business partner though, so I'm hopeful more of his excellent work will get into people's hands: http://www.seeleflyrods.com/ . The new Orvis rods are universally getting rave reviews. The new Echos too. The new Redingtons are a little mixed in the reviews, but most seem to like the shorter models instead of the longer ones. I cast the Redington 8'0" 5wt and thought it was a bit too sluggish and heavy feeling.

    Anyway, that's my early morning stream of recommendations...
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  15. John Wallace Active Member

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    I just got the Epic 8' 4wt, and it is going to be my small stream rod in fiberglass. Love the rod and it is a Med/ full flex rod to me.
  16. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    Anybody had a chance to cast one of these along with a Butterstick?
  17. John Wallace Active Member

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    Will say I have casted the 7'6" 4wt Orvis and loved it. I will be looking at the 5wt for me.
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  18. David Loy Senior Moment

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    EVERYONE should own a good 7'6" glass 4 wt IMO.
    Find a way to treat yourself.
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  19. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    Yes. Butterstick is a MUCH slower action rod than the Superfine Glass. I do like the Butterstick, too, but it is REALLY slow in comparison. still, when properly managed, the Butterstick does lay down a small dry more delicately than most rods I've cast -- the only thing close is the Orvis Superfine Touch.
  20. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    Thanks Dan, sounds like I need to cast both. My two existing 3wt rods need a glass friend. I just can't imagine something smoother than my Sage LL 379

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