FS/WTT GLoomis Streamdance GLX 10' 5wt.

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  1. Getting ready for a trip to the tropics and want to sell/trade some gear.

    Just as the title describes. Rod is lightly used and in excellent condition. I couldn't find a scratch or mark on it and handle is lightly soiled.

    Looking for a comparable value 9.5' 8wt or am willing to spend a little or receive a little in exchange. Z-Axis, Sage One, Native Run GLX, etc. I do not know what the used value is for my rod so I'll start at $475 if you want to buy it outright. Will listen to offers.

    Only interested in 9.5' rods as it will be a crossover for steelhead.

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  2. Also have for trade or sale.....

    -CND Solstice 13'4" 6/7/8 in excellent condition.
    -NIB Abel Super 10 standard arbor
    -More possible trade/sale items will be added

    And, to keep our local classifieds hall monitor from posting...
    I'll list the above at $500 obo for each item.
  3. Price change. $475.


    -Sage RPL 5100-3 in like new condition. $300
  4. PT, I would be willing to lone you some tropical gear in exchange for the use of your rod for awhile. I do not have a 9.5' 8wt, but I do have a 9' March Brown that is 6 pieces, tropical lines, flies, a 10 wt rod and a Ross Momentum Reel loaded with a ten wt tarpon taper intermediate. I'd love love love to try that rod out.
  5. I just keep hoping someone buys both of these quickly. My upcoming marriage would be grateful.
  6. Ira, I can meet you this weekend if you want to use the rod for a while. No obligation other than put it to use.

    Nick, same offer for the RPL. If you want to borrow it for a bit let me know.

    I trout fish very little these days and high end rods are just collecting dust. Not to mention, I have a couple 5 wt LL's, a 4 wt LL, and various other trout sized rods for when I do play with insect eaters.
  7. Ira, the 10' 5 wt. Streamdance is my favorite stillwater stick, you may not want to let it out of your hands once you've fished with it. Its also a great crossover for fishing the beaches for Pink Salmon. I think its one of the best GLX's series besides the Classic series.
  8. Shoot me a PM if Ira doesn't work something out with ya for that Streamdance.
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  10. It wasn't me, that's all I'm saying. Kinda wish it was me though. PT, extremely classy that you did not mention names though, extremely classy!


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