Gloomis Warranty? The end of a free rod era?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JesseC, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. I heard a dirty rumor that Gloomis is the first rod company to close down the liberally generous free rod for life warranty program?

    Interesting that their costs are still on par with the likes of Sage and Winston, who are all still offering an amazing no questions asked warranty at that price point.

    What gives? Do you guys think gloomis stands a chance? I have to admit that I'm clumsy enough and have also had legitimate breaks that were covered under Sage's exceptional warranty. I don't think I'm brave enough to buy a Gloomis. Based on my experiences with Sage - I'm a customer for life.

    Do you think the other rod makers will follow suit?
  2. I was on a 6 day float of the Middle Fork of the Salmon a couple weeks ago. My friend and I both cast at the same time and hit rods while fishing from a raft. A little later my Loomis 4 wt IMX broke! (and it was an old but very sweet rod) I sent it off to Loomis and just got a notice that they had shipped me a new Eastfork 4 wt, so at least at this time, the warranty is still working! Rick
  3. I don't think they can retroactively negate warranties on previously sold rods. I'm no lawyer, but that sounds sketchy. I was assuming that Jesse's rumor had to do with new rods sold going forward from today (or whenever they enact the change, if they do).
  4. I'm all for it if they drop the prices of their new rods significantly. I haven't broken a rod in ~10 years, and at this point, I feel like the price I pay for a new rod includes me contributing to an insurance pool I'll never/rarely need.
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  5. I believe this only applies to new rods with their Wild Card warranty program. All previous rods to my knowledge are under the original warranty.
  6. I've only broken 1 rod, but was extremely pleased with Redington's no-questions-asked replacement. I'll also be a Far Bank Enterprises customer for life.
  7. I wanted to cry when my 4 wt IMX broke. A wonderful soft
    casting stick perfect for dries. I upgraded and got a GLX.
    Nice rod but not the same.

  8. I have to point out that the number of gear rods they sell is out of this world compared to fly rods. you add a bunch of gear chuckers in the mix and I'm sure the "hand-out" rod game gets taken advantage of way to often. I know it doesn't cost 700 to make a rod, just saying the gear rod sales probably out numbers the fly rods four times at least. It would be nice when you spend big money that any rod would be honored - maybe a price point kinda thing would work but I'm sure they make plenty of money either way.
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  9. My rods all come with a lifetime warranty. If I break them, I just build a new one. I've only broke one rod in 35+ years of fly fishing and that was totally my fault.

    Now to your question specifically -- the era of the free lunch (or rod) is just getting rolling. ;)
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  10. Another reason I will never purchase a Loomis! If the manufacturer is getting burned on "fixes," up the service fee a "little."
  11. What scotty said.

    No thoughts on the Loomis thing and sounds unclear what's actually happening. Whatever. Seems pretty simple to me, just charge the fee each time and accommodate your customer as much as he/she needs. I'm assuming Rajeff, for example, builds their own cost plus a little margin into the $35 fee they charge each time. I break mine 2-3 times a year on average; function of using the same rod all the time and going out a lot. I gladly pay for the priviledge of a 3 day turn each time and "yes" being the only word in their vocabulary. In fact, if it's a tip, they'll let me keep the rod and continue fishing with the spare while they replace the broken one. I don't need an absolute freebie for turning in a busted tip...I need them to keep me on the water and they do that very well without taking a hit to their bottom line. At least in theory I carry the cost of my own repairs instead of everyone else in the form of a more expensive rod. Seems fair to me and that's how I would define a lifetime guaranty.
  12. I'm on my third Cortland rod. I broke the first one that was out of print so they sent along another that I liked even better than the first. Since then I've had two tips broken on the new one and the last time they replaced the entire rod, not just the tip. Pretty pleased with their service and the rod.
  13. Two of the three GLX rod's I've returned in the last year to Loomis were determined to have "...obvious signs of wear..." and they offered to replace them at 50% of the retail price. The "wear" they referred to was acknowledged as not being in the area of the break but certainly played a factor in the offer I was given. The "Limited" part of the Lifetime Warranty gives Loomis a lot of latitude on what qualifies.
  14. Sounds pretty lame to me if it wasn't in the area of the break. Don't think I'll be buying any loomis equipment anytime soon.
  15. quote="bigfun4me, post: 767281, member: 1017"]Two of the three GLX rod's I've returned in the last year to Loomis were determined to have "...obvious signs of wear..." and they offered to replace them at 50% of the retail price. The "wear" they referred to was acknowledged as not being in the area of the break but certainly played a factor in the offer I was given. The "Limited" part of the Lifetime Warranty gives Loomis a lot of latitude on what qualifies.[/quote]

    Not the only person I've heard of having issues like that, I fish Sage, Scott, Winston, and TFO. All have great warranties with TFO shining through at #1 for turn around time. The American rods I buy for quality and to support our country's economy AND I do no expect them to stock a "ton" of cheap rolled sections like TFO. But hell with Loomis, I was turned off by them in the 90's!
  16. Loomis is not owned by Gary Loomis and has not been for several years. If I'm not mistaken, they are made by Shimano now. I could be wrong on this but I know that Shimano has its own limited warranty on their branded gear rods.
  17. I have had to use warranty service from Sage, Winston, and Loomis. All of them were prompt with their service. I have three Loomis rods, the recently broken IMX 4 wt that was fished A LOT with no problems until my friend and I hit rods while casting in a raft. The other 2 are GLX's in 7 and 8 wt. These are about 15 years old, are still great casting rods, and have never had any problems. I think Loomis makes very nice casting rods and are always in the forefront of innovation. I just ordered a 4 wt NRX Loomis and really looking forward to casting that rod! Rick
  18. You are correct Shimano owns GLoomis, that being said I have had good experiences with them on a rod I sent in that was obviously my fault. I fell while walking in a shallow part of the middle fork snoqualmie and snapped the rod because my natural reaction was to put my hands out. Shimano replaced the rod which is a Loomis rod no questions asked. I guess it may just come down to who the person is at the warehouse that handles your claim. Some may be assholes while other may give you the benefit of the doubt.
  19. rick's 15 year old rods would have been manufactured just around the time that gloomis was becoming one of 34 subsidiaries of a publicly traded japanese sporting goods conglomerate - shimano. that's per wikipedia so take it for what it's worth. but it's probably not quite accurate to think of them as a hometown outfit from woodland, especially not as it relates to policy matters. not that shimano doesn't make great stuff. still, according to the article, their fishing tackle business is 23% of their total revenue. how much of that 23% do you think comes from loomis as opposed to the shimano branded rods and reels? if someone cared enough they could probably find out by digging into their financial statements.
  20. I too am/was a huge fan of the IMX, and have built many rods up on the IMX and classic GLX blanks for friends and family back in the day... Invariably one or two of the mix breaks each year, and I've noticed a sharp decline in the quality of the warranty service since Loomis was purchased by Shimano. They've actually 'lost' two of the rods that were sent back on two occasions, and I only got responses from them after filing a BBB claim with the tracking and insurance information in hand--bleh! The sad thing is that the folks in Woodland are all great people as far as I can tell, but the Shimano influence has not been good.

    In any case, I agree with the sentiment that paying a higher service fee is perfectly reasonable for repairs. I'd rather pay $100 if I break a rod than pay an extra $200 initially to cover a lifetime of repairs.

    BTW, Rick, you can still find those IMX blanks online if you're interested.

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