Glow in the dark flies???

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by daveypetey, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. So one of the techs were I work is taking me down south of Tacoma to a river where night fishing is allowed. We went a few weeks ago and threw little glow in the dark balls hooked to giant weights. Pretty low brow but I did hook into and land a couple monster Kings. There is a large beach and plenty of back cast space so I was wondering if anyone had any experience tying glow in the dark patterns for night fishing? I'd love to give it a shot if so.
  2. The Gig Harbor Fly Shop may be able to help if you are serious about buys some flies
  3. Tied some glow in the dark clousers these weekend. Is it legal to fish the sound after dark?
  4. Depends on where you want to fish.
  5. If I fish at night, I fish under the Purdy Bridge because the Chinooks can get stacked in there if you time it right.
  6. Too late in the year though right?
  7. Dude, just grab a couple of tall boys and hit that shit up.
  8. We talking red bull tall boys?
  9. You could still try, there are still some swimming around. You might run into a lot more Chum and Coho then Chinook.
  10. My brother will be there with me Thursday night most likely if anyone would like to join us.
  11. I'm interested in how the glow in the dark us did? I watched a gear slinger using a glow in the dark buzz bomb a few weeks back. Didn't see him catch anything with it though.
  12. I did. I hooked up and brought a big coho buck to the beach at dawn in MA9 with it a few weeks back. I haven't slung any since then though. Just tied up a clouser with the green and white stuff from Avid Angler. Give it a try. I want to swing it on a sinking line on a river that is open all night with the gear guys, but I am a little concerned about hooking someone.
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  13. I have some of it in my fly tying box. Some times when I put my crap away (cats) I see it glowing green, and I think will it work? Did you tye the belly in glow in the dark or the back? Or just the whole Clouser?
  14. I tend to tie more squid patterns in glow in the dark, i dont think it matters too much though, I just really like squid patterns.
  15. Glow in the dark (GID) green top, UV flash in the middle, GID white belly.
  16. They wont be able to help you....
  17. Going to break down and tye a few tomorrow. What about a sand lance with a few strands of GID belly along with UV white. I can't see how much good they would do unless you were fishing predawn.
    How about some Chum Turds with a GID tail? Fish them in these really early morning low tides that are coming up?
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  18. Makes sense...glow-ballers knock them silly.
  19. For some reason SCUD comes to mind. I think I will call the Glow in the dark tail Chum Turd a SCUD. Has this been taken?
  20. When are you going? I'd love a report.

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