Glow in the dark flies???

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by daveypetey, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. I have tried some GID patterns tied in the Shock and Awe pattern style and have done well. The Sand Lace idea should work good to.
  2. Everglow flies have been working for me for years, day and night
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  3. AK powder monkey. Were/are you a powder monkey? I worked in that field for 38 years.
    On your fly it hard to tell GID strands but it looks like the body, tail, and wing are GID?
  4. You can get glow in the dark fingernail polish to add to almost any fly. Works well at night.
  5. I like to fish them right before pre-dawn. Get a UV flashlight and you will be set. Also Tie some up and head down to blue creek around 6pm till 2am for steelhead. Think outside the box and you will catch all the fish the people inside the box never will touch.

  6. What kind of box do i need to catch these fish? Coardboard, plastic, milk crate???? I will get the box can you tell me where to fish?!
  7. As I'm sure all of you know by now I'm not from around here. Last week I went out to Pt no Pt just to walk around and enjoy the beach. There was a guy with a big old rod and Penn star drag. He was throwing out what looked like a wire box. I waited for him to reel it back in to see what it was. Lo and behold it was a wire box. I asked him just what it was he was trying to catch in this little 3"X3" wire box. He tells me crabs. You put bait in the wire box and there are lassos on the corners and when the crabs come to brake the bait out of jail they get lassoed and you just reel them in. And I thought Yo Yo fishing in Arkansas was strange. Thinking out side the box.
  8. You don't have to overdo the glow, I tied some at first that look like a beer sign when you heat them up with UV

    I do add at least a GITD lateral line to virtually every saltwater fly I tie. From a few strands of Saltwater Krystal flash or equivalent, to glow in the dark tubing in various colors and diameters. I can't prove it works, but I can guarantee it doesn't scare fish off.
  9. If you're fishing on a cloudless night a dark fly like a black bugger works very well also. Good luck finding a cloudless night.
  10. Being born and raised in CA I've seen a lot of cloudless nights. I don't know that I've seen a star in the sky since I've been in WA. I do enjoy the clear water thou. Don't see much of that in CA.
  11. Oh my. Look out side. Stars, Moon. Someone imported them just to make me a lier. There are stars in WA.

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