Glue-on Scotty rod holders

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  1. Thank you for that info!
  2. I am right handed but I placed the forward rod holder on the left because that is what I got used to on my pontoons. I tend to fish off the right side of the boat so the rod holder does not get in my way. I find removing the rod to be a two hand affair anyway when I am in a hurry, one to pull the retention strap and one to grab the rod. I hate trolling anyway with the oars, I miss too many fish, prefer to troll and hold the rod. Still miss a lot then.

    I placed my front rod holder like Blue, that is, on the inside and just far enough to not overly interfere with grabbing oars. I have to be careful when starting to row, but no real issues.

    I just got the Omega fins. Man those things are long, unsure how easy they will be to get in front of the foot bar to row. But I'm thinking I could pull a water skier with them on.

  3. Wayne, you have to grab the tip and pull it to get your feet on the bar. Just relax when using them. Don't try and muscle them, for one that will kill your ankle and two, you don't need to. You need to move them very little. Something that took a little while to get use to after muscling FF. You can actually move on an up and down stroke by fluttering you feet like a swimmer.
  4. If I mount a Scotty near the bow it will usually catch my fly line when I stop and stand up to fish in my Water Master on moving water because the bow rests against my legs, so I use a low profile rod holder near the starboard bow like this (I cast right reel left)

    It's not really a problem on Stillwater because I'm sitting back away from the rod holder and the line stays on my stripping apron. But if you use a glue-on mount it's there regardless of the water you fish. I guess some people don't have the same problem. I do and it's frustrating. YMMV
  5. With these mounted on the side, when you stand, wouldn't they be behind you in either front or with the seat against your legs? I rarely stand, so I am trying to visualize. Bare with me.
  6. Oooops....sorry Brian Miller! I guess I got you confused with the NBC news anchor!! ;)

    Mea culpa!
  7. Just an additional note about this:

    About a month ago I went to our local West Marine store looking for Stabond adhesive.

    Didn't see it on the shelves and asked the salesperson about it. He said "no, you want this stuff", which was a WM epoxy. He claimed it's the only and best way to attach things to PVC. Being the gullible sort, I paid the $20 for West Marine G/flex epoxy.

    So....after a couple of days trying to get full coverage gluing (there always seemed to a bit of the mount where the glue wasn't adhering) it looked like the danged thing was really and truly stuck onto the pontoon!

    That is until the first time I tried rolling the boat up to stick it into its storage sack. The Scotty mount promptly released from the PVC for about 3/4 of the length. It was just held on by a thread. This epoxy seemed far too hard and stiff and wouldn't stay bonded to something flexible. :(

    So now I've just received my shipment of Stabond and will try that. I ordered it through West Marine but they get it from NRS. I did it that way because picking it up at my local West Marine means I didn't have to pay the shipping costs that NRS would've collected.

    Am I a tight-assed SOB?

    Dang-nab right!!!! :D


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