Going Salt FF Sunday, Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by mute, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. mute

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    I was wondering what setup i would need line wise. Like should i get a metal leader and then do i use normal tippet on that? or a swivel on the end of hte metal leader?
  2. alpinetrout

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    What are you fishing for? There isn't much in the salt around here that requires wire. If you're fishing somewhere else for something toothy that requires wire, you use the wire for the tippet and mono for the leader, not the other way around. You want the wire on the end closest to their teeth.
  3. mute

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  4. mute

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    Also since this is my first time im willing to use generic stuff, flies for instance, do you think these will be fine. Just quickly tied up a bunch of stuff other night.
  5. alpinetrout

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    In NJ, you might want wire for bluefish, but keep in mind that when you use wire, it typically results in fewer strikes. If you're looking for stripers or false albacore, start with mono tippets and you'll catch more fish. If you start getting bitten off by bluefish, add 4-6" of wire bite tippet.
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    Check out:

    Just a few of the many good links for atlantic inshore fishing. You will find some links to Jersey Shore etc on these links. Great time of year to be fishing the north Atlantic Coastline, if you dont mind the occasional hurricane that is.
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