Going to Crab Creek who wants to come????

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. I'm in the mood to fish and figured crab creek would be a good spot to go on such a nice day. I will go buy my self but if someone wants to come hit me back I'm going to head out around 10-10:30 and plan on being back around 5-530. So who else thinks its a nice day to fish?
  2. Don't forget your snake chaps and DEET.
  3. I would think its could enough that the snakes won't really be out yet?:)
  4. The cool weather should keep the snakes in their beds and the winds will keep the skeeters at bay. Strong winds are in the forecast. Have a great day!
  5. Strong winds it was!!! Not that I let that stop me:) just changed my approach a little. I didn't do to good, got a couple but they would have had to stretch to make it to 9 in. There was another guy there and I guess he got a couple also. And when I was leaving there was a guy with a nice size one. Which brings me to my next question isn't it c&r? I really think they guys was up to know good just the hole way he acted.
  6. Never bothered to look at the regs but I would imagine that it varies by section as it is a long creek and I doubt it is C&R; very few streams are in Washington.
  7. Crab Creek, isn't this the creek that should not be named? Oh by the way, no C&R on the creek, mostly state wide minimum and catch limits.

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  8. Four things for new members:

    1) some creeks are on the Q-T
    2) read the regs before going. assumptions don't cut it
    3) check the weather reports
    4) consider joining some of the private forums. (see item 1)
  9. Bill, Well said but you forgot to mention 5) 22,600 members on the forum + nonmembers
  10. Yeah, but how many if those 22,600 members post anything.
  11. Most appear to be in the intelligence gathering community and take but don't pay back
  12. Sweet! Crab Creek is the place to go? Hells yes, I'm there! #crabcreek #bigfish #wildtrout #Slabtastic #springcreek #Yes!!! #supersecretcreeksinwashington @crabcreek

    LOL This argument gets so old. It plays out every year. #playedout #instafuked

    In all seriousness, the best way to "inform" people they are doing a faux pas is to send them a PM and not bother to post on the thread.
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  13. As I am a new member then I'm all ear's for the do's and don'ts but like john said someone should send me a p.m. with them as I plan on posting I'm not just a taker but a giver. So if you want to give me the unwritten rules then please do if not don't get mad when I offend you as that not what I'm trying to do. And it always works to tell someone something with out putting them down and in a nice way if you want them to heed your words.
  14. @old406kid what is the Q-T list? and send me a p.m. with somethings I should not do? again I'm here to help and make friends not piss any one off.
  15. number 1, do not even hint a place to go that you might want to go back to and find a place to park and fish. if 1 % of the people on this forum show up , that is 200 plus fishers! i know a guy who did this on this forum and the next sat. he could not find a place to park. number 2, go alone and "carefully" catch and release. especially in moving water. number 3, if you take pics dont have any background shots in the pics. number 4, take lots of beer and pack out the empties. mike w
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    I have to agree that the less said about precise locations in the open forum, probably the better. But you're not running afoul of any secret code. I don't think anyone is REALLY trying to break your balls. There are plenty of well liked members of this site who have openly shared about "secret" places.

    I think PM's are the way to go for most stuff, but if you wanted to invite some folks to go fishing with you, I'm not sure how else to do it.

    AND, if you are not sure if you're secret is suitable for publication, just PM me the information. I will get back to you in a week or two with a determination about it's value ;)
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  17. Dont be the third guy in hiking in.....:eek:
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  18. flyfishingeric1, don't sweat it. Believe me, Crab's not exactly a top secret spot, mostly evidenced by you seeing people while you were there. I've seen others there every time I've fished it too. I'm sure everyone has their secret spot they want to keep secret. People are right though- word can get around in a hurry on this forum. Washington state has a lot of fishermen and posting about a place is a good way to fish with a few more of your internet buddies. I've gotten a couple pm's telling me to hush up about a couple spots. But hey, it's a free world. If I think it's worth keeping quiet about, I certainly will. And if I'm keeping quiet about a spot, you bunch o' louses will never know.......

    BTW, I probably would have gone with you that day, but the weather report scared me off.
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  19. Thanks David:cool: glad to see someone with humor!! and I was just trying to see if anyone in my area wanted to go I didn't know it was the honey hole or someones honey hole.lol I have been there a few times. And I always catch something but for the most part if you want to catch fish and spots are open like the spokane you can have much better luck. And I can think of a dozen spots in idaho that are better then this creek, the water is just a tad bit high. And if you are coming from the other side of the . you have a places that has 20+in I won't put the name up but i'm sure you know where I am talking about.
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  20. thanks thanks chad and yeah the weather was pretty bad but hey I don't know what can make a day of fishing a bad day. And I will keep you in mind next time I go and send you a p.m.

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