Going to Crab Creek who wants to come????

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Just so we are clear, I was joking about it being the creek that should not be named. More than anything I wanted to state that the creek does not have a single section on that is strictly C and R and most of is general regs. Welcome to the forum, read the main rules and don't worry about the nay sayers.
  2. it has ticks, bigger than soda crackers, that jump several feet. stay away from all trees and brush. the 2 best times to fish it are the middle of winter and on days over 90 degrees. no snakes and no large ticks. mike w
  3. I am not too sure twenty-thousand of the so called visitors were those who post six times, put their crap in the classifieds and never darken the door again.
  4. Move along folks, nothing to see here. These are not the droids you want.
  5. bill , if you are at the meeting tommorrow nite you can explain what you just said, if there in one. is a droid that stuff you get caught in your throat and try hawking up with little success. mike w
  6. There are no secrets, this is the internet. I don't think that people are going to go exploring just because a creek is named. I think the same people that are willing to put in the time are willing to take a risk and fish somewhere because they want to, not because someone on the forum told them to.
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  7. I had to laugh at the idea that Crab Creek, which extends at least 100 miles, is a secret. Too early for the snakes... but the ticks might be out in enough numbers to make it exciting. :D

  8. The more attention you guy's draw to this subject, the bigger deal it will become. Hence more lerker's, use pm's and quit giving goggle spider a reason to find such tread's. Every body give advice not rant, be happy.
  9. well thanks for letting me know I have just taken a few for some of the things I have posted on here. I have stated a couple of these and in everyone it seems I ask the wrong thing.lol
  10. Thanks rainbow that was all I was asking for advice..
  11. You're fine. Email and the Internet are terrible mediums to convey emotion so when people are just chiming in sometimes it sounds like they're being critical, when they really aren't. When you get them to start typing four letter words about you, then you know you have really made it :p

    Keep posting, throw up some pictures, it's all good.
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  12. I will have to put up pic but what I got the other day out of crab creek wasn't worth the pic.lol I"m heading over to idaho today maybe I can get something there worth the pic!!!
  13. We all love to see good stories told of fishing exploits and adventures. The size of the fish you caught has no bearing on worthiness of posting. Show us pictures of the big fish, little fish, no fish, the sky, the grass, the rattlesnake you almost stepped on, the tick that got itself lodged in your butt...okay, maybe not that last one.
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  14. Don't feel like you always have to ask the board questions homie. There are quite a few fisherman in your area on the board that would gladly send u a response via personal message. And crab creek is no secret. Unless you've never fished it. Then of course your gonna think it's a gold mine. I personally would rather save the moving water fishing for different times of the year or hit the n.fork or St.Joe for cutts. Spokane isn't a huge way out from reopening either. I'd be glad to float ya once it opens on my self bailer.
  15. Thanks Blake and I will remember its not all about the questions. And I love the North Fork and Spokane. I haven't given the St.Joe a try yet but I can't wait to get over there and do that. And I'm always looking to go with someone. I also have a two man pontoon boat. So if your interested shot me a line.
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  16. The problem with questions is you get answers - and everyone has one of those and, er - uh, well you know, other things.
  17. Fly Fishing Eric welcome to the site. A few words of advise-free and worth it. Don't be afraid to post any question you have or name any spot you fish. Most of the folk on this forum are decent helpful types who appreciate you input, but we are gifted with a generous supply of shit heads, they're more to be pitied than censored, who will jump all over you no matter what. That has been proved to be the result of one of two factors. Either they experienced early and severe toilet training or they are trying to compensate for having teeny tiny peckers. Sometimes both. The latter tend to be the most vitriolic. So don't apologize or explain yourself. Keep the posts coming and have compassion for our members who take their little problems out on others.
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  18. Thanks dfl I will have to keep that in mind. And I will keep it coming.
  19. Spot on!
  20. 38 posts and 1287 views. Should be a message there even a deaf man could hear.
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