Golden Gardens /Carkeek/LP reports?

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  1. Fished Golden Gardens on Sat/Sun mornings, trying out my new flatwing ties. No salmon to be seen, but the boats were thick at the buoy. 5 Flatfish and lots of sculpin to hand. Nothing to set my heart afire.

    Anyone have any luck at LP or Carkeek?
  2. I ventured out to GG last week, same exact result, although I didn't see any boats that weren't wind powered and crewed by a number of pastel polo shirts.

    I did go to LP on Saturday morning. Suprisingly not crowded, 5 SRC's to hand and 1 salmon followed a minnow pattern to my feet.

  3. I live just above Carkeek. I've noticed a number of people fishing there lately so there is likely some action going on. Definately worth a shot.
    Good luck out there,
  4. I saw you there Saturday morning; I was one of the many boats out on the water. I was there mainly to check my crab traps. The water (at the time I was out) wasn't quite moving right for me, but I put in some casting time up at Richmond Beach anyway. Nada, zero, zilch - big swing and a miss for me.

    Golden Gardens and Carkeek Parks aren't the most productive locations, but everyone once in a while they'll kick out something.

    I heard from an extremely reliable source LP was pretty crowded Sunday morning.
  5. I fished LP Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornings 7:20 - 10:00AM +/-, introducing relatives to beach fishing. Not many crowds of people or fish (compared to what LP is usually like) maybe 12-15 at most fishing. Saw 5-6 fish on beach Friday, 3 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Got one each on Friday and Sunday. Sunday the bites were around low tide. Friday it was an early bite then again about 9:30 when the incoming tide was moving strong. There was talk of good fishing on Wednesday and Thursday in the morning.

    The silvers are on their way.
  6. I can't remember when I was more excited to catch a fish.
  7. I sure wish there were more time in the fall...I take off on Friday for my hunting trip. 10 days without very sad. Hopefully they'll be around when I get back.

    GG has never really produced for me. I've seen fish while diving for crab, but never on the end of my line. I had decent luck at LP last year, but GG being 10 minutes vs. LP at 30 away often makes my decision easy.

    What patterns are everyone using?
  8. Hit Carkeek this morning from 6am-8. Saw a small group of pinks, and a couple fish jumping, Coho maybe? I hit nothing as I suck at this F'ing sport.. I want to move back to CO, at least I caught fish there.

  9. Story of my life, which is why I fish small mountain streams and lakes most of the time. Dumb trout!
  10. I fished Carkeek for the first time two weeks ago after work. Tide was going out. There were a few gear guys on the beach chucking pink buzz bombs. I occasionally saw some fish roll near casting range. When nothing seemed to be happening, I hooked and landed a 4lb resident coho about 10 feet offshore on a minnow pattern. First salmon of the season. Haven't fished Carkeek since, but I am tempted now that I had some success. Many people post that there isn't much action there, and that may be the case on average, but it was good for me.
  11. I was crabbing at golden gardens on Saturday and there were pinks jumping pretty frequently.
  12. I got my butt handed to me at LP on Monday. I fished from 6:30 in the a.m. til after 12:30pm. Not a tug. All the action was to the right of the old piers (or whatever those concrete structures are). All of the fish I saw hooked/landed except for one were on that side of the beach. I tried all my different patterns, tried all kinds of different strip speeds, for both pinks & coho, but no love. Seemed like the fish were just not coming down south of that spot. Weird. Needless to say, I was pretty frustrated.
  13. The salmon may have smelled the Montana on your waders and kept to the other side of the point???

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  14. I fished Carkeek on Saturday with a friend and we didn't get anything. Did have a salmon jump in between us but no luck. We fished Golden Gardens on Sunday and Monday. No luck on Sunday but my friend caught a resident coho and lost another about five minutes before I got into the water. After that no action. Always late to the party I guess...will try again this weekend.
  15. Carkeek and GG are just OK salmon fishing spots imho. Not great by any shakes but they do put out some fish.
    I lived just above Carkeek for over 25 years but would rather drive or take a ferry ride to fish elsewhere if I have time then fishing there.
    I used to fish Carkeek a lot. I've had to many odd encounters with folks at Carkeek that I haven't fished it in about 10 years.
    Lots of would be game wardens, stream protectors, marine preserve activists, seal huggers etc for my liking.
    Both Carkeek and GG are good choices if you have limited time and need a quick saltwater fix.
  16. Yeah it takes a while get the Montana washed off! ;)
  17. LP has been tough. I've been pulling Leland's slider (in pink--my favorite) pretty consistently in the AM the past couple of weeks, plus yesterday afternoon. I've heard of small Coho being caught on the fly, on both sides of the point. I've had some good follows, including one big boil that looked like a toilet flushing, but no hook-ups. One gear guy yesterday had two pinks on the beach. Watched him miss another. He said that was third one he missed that day.

    Historically, most of my popper action has been within 20' of me. Those boys love to follow that thing in before pouncing.
  18. I agree with stonefish,
    I used to fish pipers creek as a kid for src's before the esa got hold of them , then like you said a lot of the self appointed types around ,had one raise hell me many years ago because I kept a chum on the beach ,guy tried to tell me it was illegal because he was part of the volunteer program that restarted the run in the creek , told him firmly but nicely to call a warden , he did all the warden asked was to show him where it was caught and i took him down to the mean low tide area where the gulls were just cleaning up the gut pile I gave them ,said warden agreed with me on the fish and asked the whiner what his isuue was , whiner stomped off. I spent the better part of my life somewhere in alaska and it never fails that people only read what they want into a reg or policy I?E in seward you cannot fish for kings in the ressurection river or other tribs to ressurection bay however everything else ,especially dollies are fair game , I could always count on at least 3 or more "concerned " citizens try to tell me it was illegal to fish there , I finally put a sign on my back --"quiet I am fishing for dollies" a local trooper that I knew happened by (alaskas game warden)and had a good chuckle seems on his off days he experienced the same thing :eek:As to the seattle hugger types nothing a freshly sharpened 4/0 won't cure:D:p they learn to keep their distance lol smitty
  19. Fished a very surreal LP morning last thursday, what with the pre-dawn lightning show and flat calm conditions. Spooky and really cool at the same time. As a bonus I managed a nice wild coho just before heading home for work.

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