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  1. I have caught several different species of fish over the years, but have never caught a golden trout or a grayling. I have heard that there are some places in Washington (alpine lakes from what I understand) where you can catch these fish, but have never found exactly where. I am not expecting anyone to give up any secret areas, but if anyone out there could enlighten me on some well-known areas where I would have a chance of hooking either of these fish species I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  2. I don't mean to be a smartass, but a simple google query will tell you pretty quickly the SINGLE lake in WA with grayling. As for goldens, there are a few lakes in the Cascades that have them. Most of them (the good ones) are hard to get to, lack maintained trails and the guys who know them seldom blab about them. They are a secret held with the same security clearance level that WA desert spring creeks are held with.
  3. The lake with the most golden trout wouold probably be Big Greider Lake. I have also heard of Mica Lake on Lime Ridge having some goldens. As for Grayling, i think the only lake that has them is one of the Granite Lakes in Skagit county.

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  4. Thank you for the information. I do recall hearing about Granite lakes, but I was told that the grayling are few and far between and in serious decline. I will have to look up the size of Granite Lake. For some reason I recall it being a large lake.
  5. Goldens are (or were) stocked in Gillette lake, which I've never been to, but is somewhere in south-central WA. Call WDFW region 5 (vancouver) for details or check there website..
  6. Big Greider? Really? I've fished that one before and caught a bunch of fish, but if I recall they were all cuts or rainbows. I never got a golden trout out of there. Of course, that was nearly 10 years ago. Little Greider is a fun one to fish, lots of cover to fish around and it used to hold some decent cuts. Are they stocking it with goldens now?
  7. Thats just what I heard, i have never fished it.
  8. They started stocking goldens in Big Greider 10 years ago so you wouldn't have caught any. The lake has some naturally reproducing RB but needs supplemental stocking and they are using goldens.

    Mica was stocked with goldens in 1970, but has no fish any more. During cold years that lake has been known to stay frozen all year so it doesn't have much fish growing potential and it is now left unstocked.
  9. I pulled my first Golden out of Big Grieder last year, beautiful little 9 incher. Looked just like the pictures. Heck of a trail in, and don't forget your rain gear, but well worth it. Only fished for 10 mins by the outlet before the rain started, but I was very happy.

    For grayling, I head for MT - there's a number of rivers with them (C&R only, of course)
  10. There are few grayling in the lower 48. You can stumble on them in Montana, at a spot I know, and when I catch one, I immediately leave the stream, head to the nearest bar, grab a malted beverage and move to the veranda, where I watch the sun go down and contemplate the Pleistocene. I never target them.

    The water's pretty good over in the Yellowstone drainage....more water now than I expected to see. You may try that way.
  11. Thank you all for your advice. I really would like to get over to Montana again to do some fishing. I do know of a couple of places in MT that are supposed to have Grayling, but have never fished them. I can never seem to get farther than Missoula due all of the good water around there. I imagine that there are places in BC that would have some good grayling fishing as well.

    Thanks again.
  12. I've caught grayling in high lakes in Idaho, Montana, and Utah, and streams in Alaska and British Columbia. There are plenty out there to be found if you explore enough places...
  13. If I'm not to sure but,didn't they try Grayling in Big Greider many moons ago. I read something a few hundred years ago that they tried that. But alas they didn't take or maybe it was just a pipe dream. But when one has been fishing here for so many years,you hear lots of stories coming out of WDFW.

  14. They never tried grayling in Greider, but have been tried in a few lakes over the years. They stocked eyed grayling eggs in the Hardscrabble Lakes back in the forties but they never took.
  15. I've never caught a golden, but have caught plenty of grayling on the Ruby in SW MT. I personally found them to be "underwhelming" fighters. Apparently, they were restocked in this river because they were a native fish at one time. I suppose it's nice to be able to say I caught one, but I'd never break a sweat to find one in WA (or anywhere else for that matter).

  16. I must plead total ignorance as far as the availabilty of these species in the State of Washington, but if you ever get the chance, try the Wind Rivers in Wyoming for Goldens. Not only are they home to the current world record, they will provide more opportunties and larger fish than anywhere else on the planet. As far as Grayling, Meadow Lake on the west slopes of the Winds, Grebe Lake in Yellowstone and Horseshoe Lake in eastern Idaho are some of the best I know.
  17. 05Tacoma,

    In the day, I used to catch some really big grayling in Bavaria on the Isar River south of Munich. Didn't much appreciate them then, but I always loved the way they smelled - something like thyme. If the the mayor of Lenngries, or whoever holds the water rights now, invited me back to fish for grayling, I would be there in a flash!
  18. In northwest Montana there are at least four lakes with grayling that you can drive to. They are stocked by the state so you can even Bonk them if you want to see what the Thymus part of their name is about!
  19. Dan, it's better than ever on the Upper Isar in Southern Germany. The river is managed by the fishing club in Lenggries. There are fishing / overnight packages starting at 55 €uro. It's C&R on grayling, the good 'ol boys shoot the cormorants, and the general fish population is about 75% grayling and 25% native browns.

    Visit: and contact Andy Pfirstinger (or me). Click on the link "GEWÄSSER", meaning 'waters' and navigate to the Isar.

    The river is open until Halloween and the best time of the year (autumn) is coming up.

    Sincerely, Chris.

  20. Chris,

    This is pretty cool! What an amazing world we live in. I fished mostly up around the dinkmahl and in the flats below the bridge over to Lenngries. I was stationed at Bad Toelz at the time. The Post Commander and the mayor of Lenngries were hunting buddies, and we had a big get together at the Officer's Club. Afterward, our hosts decided to allow about 10 of us to fish. We were the first Americans that had been on the Isar in quite some time. I took the fishing instructor's course in Berchestgaden and then taught all our guys the rules. I used to frequent a fly shop in Bad Toelz. My German wasn't very good and neither was their English, but they sold me what I needed to catch fish. I mostly stayed on the upper part of the beat, but most of the other guys fished below the weir and caught a lot of trout. What wonderful memories. I may be in Europe in the late spring. I'll contact you if I make the trip and get down to Bavaria.

    Petri Heil,

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