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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Cedar, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Cedar

    Cedar Active Member

    Anybody know if any of the alpine lakes in King County have Goldens?
  2. Scottpuck

    Scottpuck Member

    Only goldens I know of reside in very high lakes of California...
  3. Michael Hinkle

    Michael Hinkle (stinkle)

    That is what I thought! I think I heard that in the Bob Marshall in MT there is some streams with some healthy populations.
  4. Cruik

    Cruik Active Member

    There are goldens in King County. Not native though, and the populations are probably not self sustaining. The Hi-Lakers stock them occasionally in some of the alpine lakes.
  5. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    Yes, there are goldens in some high lakes around here, but they are very far and few between.
  6. Sean Matthews

    Sean Matthews Member

    There are some in MT, a buddy of mine caught one 2 years ago, it was his first fish caught on a fly rod.
  7. cwbraue

    cwbraue Member

    There are also some cutthroats that look like goldens in some lakes in the N cascades.
  8. Bob Martin

    Bob Martin Member

    Check on page 337 of the Washington State Fishing Guide (8th edition). It lists around two dozen alpine lakes that have been stocked with golden trout. Among those, about half a dozen are in King Co. Most of these lakes are off the beaten path and "off-trail" hiking knowledge is useful.
  9. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    Here's a pic of a golden from a high lake that's less than 50 miles from downtown Seattle. Most lakes that have been planted with goldens are quite remote. Reaching them requires specialized gear and off-trail experience as well as many calories. Despite the barrier to getting to them, it's quite unlikely that anybody with firsthand knowledge is gonna name one in an open forum this size.


  10. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    the goldens were all originally from the Kern river drainage in the Sierra mtns of California. They were then stocked in several other states but did not always survive or sustain themselves. However in the rockies they did even better than their home state. If I remember correctly the record fish is from Colorado. They are always found above 10,000 the sierras and not very plentiful. they were stocked in many lakes there but that was stopped and they have dissappeared from many of those. My son took me on a trip there in 07 and we cought only beautiful brookies and we were over 11,000 ft at the 4 lakes we fished. However the trip was great anyaway. good luck finding the goldens. Bob
  11. Wilken

    Wilken Member

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  12. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Another way to find golden trout lakes is check out the WDFW site, find the fry stocking page and see which lakes are getting goldens. Check the stocking for a couple years back to get an idea which ones might have bigger than fry sized trout and leg it on in to the lakes.
  13. David Crowne

    David Crowne Member

    One thing I love about flyfishing for Goldens is the habitat they thrive in. I've fished for them in theSierras, the Beartooths and the Winds. In every case that's meant difficult hikes through some of this country's most wild and remote places. Anyone who develops this addiction woud do well to buy Rich Osthoff's book Flyfishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry and study it thoroughly.

    Here's a Golden I caught on my last trek for them. It involved a 70 mile round trip hike over two passes. Worth it? Every minute!
  14. ryan2202

    ryan2202 Member

    I'm liking this thread...I've been reading through it and didn't realize goldens were planted in some alpine lakes myself...I did hear they were in the Northeastern corner of the state, natural though...Thats a fish I'd like to try and catch....Just another trout species to check off my list...
  15. Cedar

    Cedar Active Member

    I saw that WDFW dumped about 2000 golden fry into Edds lake a couple years ago. I am currently planning my ascent and descent into the lake area. As far as I am concerned this is going to be the coolest hike ever, and don't worry ABSOLUTELY nothing but catch and release with barbless hooks.
  16. junebug41

    junebug41 Junior Dave Monti fan

    Wow, people sharing? Being helpful and encouraging? No snide remarks? I am very pleasantly surprised.
  17. jcnewbie

    jcnewbie Member

    Wallow in it....let it soak into your pores....taste it....savor don't happen often!!

    But here's another one....sort of; I think it was 1968 or '69 I hiked up Icicle Creek and in the Alpine Lakes region, Snow Lake, Nada Lake, etc. etc. and a fantastic trip it was (I related this story a few months ago in another thread)! Anyhow, I was getting very frustrated with the damn turtles snipping off my line on nearly every cast into the lake so went to the upper end and found a tiny feeder creek into the lake. Went up that little feeder a few yards, dangled my fly in the water and caught the most beautiful Golden...very, very golden....looked just like a fish-shaped gold nugget about 10 inches long and multi-colored spots on his back. Caught two 8-9" brookies out of the same spot and....I'm ashamed to say now.....had 'em for dinner that evening with my girlfriend - but that was then and this is of course, NOW! Wouldn't eat 'em now unless I was starving!
    Also, at that time I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "Golden trout" until I saw it with my own eyes! Sometimes ignorance ain't so "blissful...."

  18. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Fish killer.
  19. jackchinook

    jackchinook Member

    You shouldn't feel ashamed in the slightest for eating those fish. That's what they're there for. There's absolutely no conservation value to exotic fish species planted in a historically fishless lake. In fact, you're possibly even doing the lake a favor by taking a few fish out.

    Catch and release is a good ethic to live by...when and where it's appropriate.

    When I fish a highlake and it appears that there are tons of fish and minimal fishing pressure, I don't lose sleep over keeping a fish or two for the pan. I had delicious cutthroat tacos two weekends ago at an offtrail highlake in the Chelan-Sawtooth. However, I frequent another lake of several acres that has rainbows over 5lbs in it....but there's only maybe 25-40 in the lake. It's catch and release only when I'm there and I cherish each monster brought to hand when there.
  20. Coach Duff

    Coach Duff Banned or Parked

    Talk about some shitty directions from the Coach but.... there used to be a series of lakes (Milk Lake I think:hmmm: was the lowest and hit hard by fly anglers) not far from that eatery and hotel on the way down the Naches. The lakes were on the opposite side of Bumping, and the Naches and everything else on that side of 410 (is it 410? getting old) It had a stuffed elk in the lobby. I can't remember what the hell it was called. Anyways above Milk Lake and up in the elk trails were two lakes we caught dozens of Goldens in for a good couple of years and then never went that way again. Also caught Goldens in the "Greider" area;) which isn't far from Seattle and in one Alpine Lake a ways up which may be done now. Gotta love em! Beautiful in every way. Coach

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