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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by devon15, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. devon15

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    so i was planning on going fishing in a couple of days out of a foat tube. i live in lynnwood and im not looking for a super long drive,,hopefully something close. anybody have any ideas realitively a smaller lake i would like.........???
  2. Swandazi

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    i guess you have a couple of options. You could go to Martha Lake, Ballinger lake, or Silver lake. I think Ballinger and Martha were stocked recently with about 2000 half pounders, And silver has recieved about 4000 .25 pounders. Double check the regs before you go to make sure there open.
  3. devon15

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    im not to excited for those lakes cause there big and i dont think you you could fly fish with the casting method and do any luck yah think???
  4. Mike Monsos

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    You might want to hit the used book store and pick up one of the Stan Jones Fishing in Washington books. It has lake listings in every county with lake size and directons on how to get there. There are also hiking guides that cover the Cascades that will give you lots of ideas of lakes to hike to when the weather warms up a bit. These used books should only cost about $5 each and are fun just to thumb through during the long winter nights. Another thing I picked up was a Topo Washington program for my computer. It's a great tool for searching out new water to explore with the ability to link information with some GPS handheld units. Of course there is always Topo Zone on the web you can use for free but without the extra tools and mapping capabilities. This is a very good mapping tool. One more suggestion would be to buy a Hancock Tree Farm permit (about a hour and a half from Lynwood). It's about $200 for access to about 100 square miles of small lakes north of the town of Snoqualmie. The North Fork of the Snoqualmie River goes right through it, just look on a map and see all the possibilities. Do a search of Hancock on this site and you should find some more information.
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    Try Lake Ballinger. It's one of the closest, if not the closest, year-around lakes to Lynnwood. It's much smaller than Seattle's Green Lake, though maybe larger than Martha Lake, up west of South Arlington. Just don't eat any of the fish out of there. Someone posted, over at <>, that Ballinger has a dead zone 20 ft down. Well, another argument for catch and release, eh?
  6. PeteM

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    Here are some thoughts...

    1) Chain Lake - Just outside Monroe. Small lake with some planters thrown in recently. Nice setting.

    2) Lake Tye - Practically in Monroe. Small lake with planters. Check to see if it's open now.

    3) Lake Roesiger - Large lake but you can put in at the park on the South end and fish the cove. The cove has a small feel to it. It's a good place to start in the lake.

    4) Panther Lake - Modest size lake. Nice setting out by Flowing Lake between Snohomish and Monroe.

    5) Blackman's Lake - In Snohomish - A put and take lake with some recent plants to get you started for the year. Modest size.

    6) Rattlesnake Lake - Outside North Bend - Special Regs - A good lake for early action. Check regs on this one. Opens later in April.

    7) Beaver Lake - By Redmond - Fishing well now. A modest size lake.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Scott Salzer

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    Yep, there shouldn't be much pressure this time of year on Rattlesnake - opens last Sat. in April...... I did note that you suggested checking the regs.

  8. PeteM

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    Good catch. I updated my earlier post.