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  1. Hello fellow fisherman, Im new to the forum and relatively new to fly fishing. Excited to finally post a thread and to hear your thoughts. This Christmas I recieved a new echo ion 6/7 reel and have been anxious to try her out. I was visiting my mom for breakfast this morning in Seattle and on my way out of town decided to stop by Green lake and give the new reel a try. I started over by the bleachers casting parallel to the shoreline from one of the docks. I made a few cast and was feeling in tune. On my fourth cast I decided to let it sink a little longer, then began stripping at a slow rate. Next thing you know I was slammed and battled a beautiful 20" brown that caught me off guard. I landed and released the fish (after a quick photo) and couldn't be happier with my results. I decided to leave on a good note and get home to watch the hawks. All in all I am very excited about this good luck and to share it with all of you.

    P.S. I am new to the whole forum thing, so if anyone has any criticism on my post I would love to hear it. I'm a dry sponge ready for spilled knowledge. image.jpg
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  2. Nice brown. I've heard Green Lake has some but have never tried it.
  3. wow! you are off to a great start! beautiful fish...
  4. I used to fish right there every day. Back when I was young, the boathouse area was awesome for bass too.
  5. Yes. Welcome to the forums!

    I've been to Green Lake three times, if I remember correctly. I fished on the other end of the lake once when I was 8, back in 1958 or early '59. I caught a small stocker from a dock there.

    I think it was a Led Zepp concert that I attended there in '69 and sat in those bleachers.

    In '82, I had a beginning wind surfing lesson there.

    Haven't been back since. If I ever go again, I will be sure to have a fly rod along!:)

  6. Nice post and nice fish.
  7. Welcome! and consider yourself lucky, that's a great fish! Green lake doesn't give up fish easily...enjoy your new rod and reel!
  8. Thank you everyone for the response. Have a great new year and happy fishing. Maybe ill see a few of you on the water soon!
  9. I hope you released that beauty because I'm headed there today.
  10. Look at the tail on that thing! Heckuva fish.
  11. It was released and swam away strong and fast. Maybe ill see you there, im on my way there now.
  12. A brown from the metro area. Hell yeah!! Nice looking reel you have there.
  13. Thank you. I have the same reel in a 8/10 as well for my soon to be switch/spey setup!
  14. Wow - not only a great fish and reel, but that's a spectacular photograph for one that obviously had to be shot quickly to get that beauty back in the water. The colors and clarity are awesome - I'd frame that. What kind of camera?
  15. Love my 8/10's, for my 8 wt single and my 2 hander. I've been real happy with them.
  16. I'd keep fish in the water if releasing them. If you need a photo, take it so that the fish does not get extra stress.

    I'd post a report, but less precise. Next time you go to the dock by the bleachers you will find a ton of fishermen lining up searching for that brown.

    Beautiful fish, way to find a gem in the center of metropolis.
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  17. Thank you, I'll make sure to be a little more vague in my reports next time and to use my rubber net and keep the fish in the water.
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  18. Thanks for taking my suggestions as offered and intended. I was not trying to be a buzz kill.
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  19. I completely understand, I'm here to learn and any suggestions help.
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  20. Or you could do exactly what you did in your original report if you find that posting about an urban fishery like Green Lake really doesn't increase the pressure that much, but please understand that how you post a report is up to you ultimately and your willingness to share will not be appreciated by some but other will love it. Both parties will make suggestions about what you do. It is a forum, people will read and some will act on it. If you want company and others to share information with be direct and specific. If you want to fish alone and learn alone, well don't report.

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