Good Luck Chuck (Steelhead V.)

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    Here is one of my patterns I have been successful with for steelhead. My local fish are far inland and seem to like a buggier fly. If your steelhead are in the mood for a buggier smaller pattern...give it a go. Normally, I fish this where I have sighted a fish. I cast it upstream on a sinking leader letting in sink as it drifts down then allow the fly to hit the end of the line a short distance in front of the spotted fish...I then lift the line and work the rod so the fly "swims" to the surface in front of the fish (basically your Leisenring Lift technique) I normally tie this in #8-#10, and my favorite hook is the Alex Jackson Steelhead Iron. It is a quite ugly pattern in the box, but really goes to work under the water.

    In smaller sizes this also is a wonderful wet for trout.

    Hook: #8-#10 heavy wet
    Thread: Black or Dark Brown
    Tail: bleached woodchuck guard hairs
    Abdomen: Bleached woodchuck underfur on a dubbing loop (nice and bushy)
    Thorax: woodchuck underfur dyed olive
    Hackle: Speckled Coq de Leon saddle hackle (nicely marked and as webby as possible at the base)


    and wet
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    Love it! Thanks for the recipe
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    that is tits!! great pattern..