Good luck to deer hunters

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  1. well it's that time of year again. good luck to anybody going out this weekend for the opener.
  2. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    And duck hunters!
  3. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    My deer season ended september 20. Yum. Now it's time to work on the birds and late elk season. I'm getting out this weekend for quail and chukar while the rest of the world hunts the duck opener. Its going to be a little warm i think and once it cools down some it will be time for waterfowling. Just my $0.02.
  4. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    Mr. Trout, I generally avoid openers too. I'm going quail/hun hunting.
  5. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    mr trout...archery??
    what did you get?
  6. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    Thanks, but I never found it that hard to get a deer. Not to toot my own horn, but I can get a deer while driving down the road at 50 mph with my lights on, horn blazing, and eating a bean burrito.
  7. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    I hunted the east side of Durr Road last Sunday for chukar and huns, saw nothing, but almost got shot by some recreational shooters on the road. They were shooting rifles (AK47 Chi-com semi's) and one bullet nearly hit me. I have heard they make a wind-cutting noise when zipping by, but I thought that was bs. I was wrong. They booked before I could get to them. I won't hunt Durr Road again for awhile.

    Oh yea, good luck to you deer hunters, too!

  8. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    Yeah, Archery. I took a nice doe since I was trying to fill the tag before I had to go back to school. Nice sized one though. So far two years bow hunting and two deer... I think next year I might try for antlers though... And I still have to get an Elk. I saw a couple this year, but they were just out too far to justify a shot. Late season might be better with as warm as this september was.

    Cliff, Don't you just hate when people are so irresponsible... can really mess with a nice day out in the field. I've found that area around Durr road can be hit and miss for birds I think. I have seen bunches of them there and then I go back a few days later and it is barren. There are certainly spots nearby that have hordes of chukar and decent numbers of Huns. I saw probably 8 groups of chukar one morning hunting in early september in one of my spots in the Canyon. Sat there glassing for deer and was able to see and hear 3 different groups of Chukar within 150 yards of me. It was sweet.
  9. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    I'll be doing the late Muzzleload season as usual. Fewer flakes in the woods and it's been productive for me.
  10. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    lol i have 3 bags (ea bag has 1 deer hide) of deer hide sitting in my garage... i dont know what to do with it all... Does any one know any fly patterns that require tons of deer hair?
  11. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    I had to weigh my deer hunting with my bird hunting, bird hunting wins...
  12. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    Good going on the doe Trevor!

    I hunted elk/deer this year as well (archery). Jumped a big 6x6 about 40 yards away no Bull tag. Then a couple bucks 20 yards away only 2 pointers…Funny how that works out. But, it was fun chasing grouse around with the judo point.

    Darn, I’ll be missing out on the parade of road hunters for the rifle opener…:clown:
  13. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    There are Deer in Washington??????????????????????????????? Here in Montana they run in herds. :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

  14. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    I have avoided the duck opener for the past 5 years because for me, duck hunting is all about sitting in a blind freezing my tail off, as new imigrants from up north pour into the decoys, filled with corn and thirsty for a drink. However, sometimes waiting for cold enough weather to push them south doesn't happen til late in the season, and with the warm weather we've been having, this year may be no exception. So, I'm gonna hope to get some good shooting in early this weekend, on local birds that aren't wise to decoys and calls yet. It is hard to dress for these early days of the season. Gotta dress warm enough for the first couple hours, but no so warm that you're sweating in your hip boots by 11am. Ah, good times ahead!

    Have fun, all.
  15. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    Hunting deer in the morning/afternoon and fishing each evening at Wannacut, Blue, Ell, etc. Very fun way to spend a week.
  16. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    We have our first duck split opening tomorrow morning on Chesapeake Bay!!! Cold front came throught and delivered our first frost this morning. Full mon was last week so ducks should be everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

    Archery for deer has been open since sept. 15.

    Fish, deer, ducks, i love the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mike norton
  17. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    we donate ours to the VFW each year(i think) they sell them to a glove maker or something along those lines and the money goes to charities.
    gives me a warm fuzzy feeling
  18. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    have you ever thought about a more challenging hunt?? it's not all about the killing for me. try a backpack in trip in the mountains some won't be sorry
    no offense intended, but i felt the same way a few years ago, now i am looking into different areas to hunt more for the overall experience of it than the killing
  19. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    Mr Trout: There used to be a few more birds in the Durr Rd area, and of course wfdw releases the pen-raised roosters a couple of times per year, but you are right about the hit and miss. This was a short, quick hunt and that's what Durr Rd is good for. I am a chukar hunter, primarily, so I know you're right about some good numbers elsewhere in this vast area. I also hunt the Quilomene/Colockum a bit, as well as Oak Creek. Sure have to work for those birds, though!

    Itchy Dog: I hunted the duck opener at a blind at Toppenish last year and had a ball. I got a few shots in and missed each one. I'm an ok upland shot, but I was amazed at how easy it was to miss decoyed ducks. The highlight of the day, however, was my white coated Llewellin setter jumping in the pond to retrieve my friends mallard before his gsp could even get wet. THAT was a hoot.

  20. NFR-good luck to deer hunters

    Me too. I'm a bowhunter at heart, but a bird hunter almost as much. This is my dog's first fall he's old enough to hunt, so I'm getting him out as much as possible. He's new to hunting, so right now it's pretty much just running around in the woods. Hunted tonight, flushed one, no shot. But we did run into a huge bear on the way out!

    This would have been a great pic if not for the shadow across my face. Thus is the case for pics taken on a tripod and a timer.


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