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  1. What mounts do you guys use while fishing? I got some sweet shots yesterday (underwater stuff is so cool) but handling a camera, rod, and fish at the same time can be challenging.

    I'm 6'5 so I assume a head mount would create awkward angles ...leaning towards a chest or wrist mount. Anyone have experience with these?
  2. I use a head mount for the stability. It's amazing how much your head and neck compensate for body movement.
  3. Head and chest mounts
  4. . This is my go pro video. The only thing that wasn't shot with the chest mount was the under water footage.
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  5. The biggest issue I have with the chest mount is my arms getting in the way some times.
  6. Total reversal of the usual "long arm" pics!

  7. I use the chest mount for fishing.
  8. I think Go Pro is the ban of fishing. I recommend the "Deep Six" mount, weighing about 40 pounds, enough to send them to Davy Jone's Locker.
  9. A camera that eliminates the need to lift fish out of water/lay them on rocks next to your rod is bad for fishing?

    I caught a huge bow yesterday on the yak, got awesome photos of it, and it never left the water except it's mouth to remove the hook.

    Sure you can avoid taking photos all together but we all know that people have been taking photos of fish for years and now with cell phone cameras/email contests/etc the number is only increasing. Using gopro cameras as opposed to holding up a fish for 30 seconds while your buddy fumbles with his iPhone is far superior in my opinion.
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  10. That Go Pro ad picture on the building by Century Link field is a local, world class snow boarder.

    Golfman - no pictures to post?

  11. Ill put the video up tonight when I'm off work
  12. I'm a fan of head and chest mounts for my own fishing. For up at the lodge with my guests, I like one mounted on the rails facing the playing area of the deck of the boat, one one a pole to stick under water and one on the shaft of my landing net to get facing the bag.
  13. Go pros are for filming your kids so that their relatives can see them.

    Go Sox,
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  14. Careful... someone is bound to find something wrong :p

    However, I'll never post my vids online anywhere for two reasons: I've already mentioned the first reason, and the second is because I don't want others to recognize where I'm at.

    I have a Contour HD and I mounted the base to a baseball cap. The camera snaps on and off the base. Fish mortality by fly fishers is way higher than one would think. If anyone doesn't believe that stat, call your local bio and ask about the areas most visited by fly fishers, and the mortality rate.

    Not sure why having a headcam would be a bad idea.

    No, that's what camcorders are for.
  15. Two awesome uses I've seen for GoPros:

    A dude put one in a crab pot near Shipwreck in Area 8.2. Super awesome to watch the goings ons of a crab pot during the duration of its soak.

    The other was having a go pro attached to a downrigger. Also awesome to see all that happens with a flasher/hoochie when you think nothing is happening.

    GoPro things that bore me: Bro videos of sick fishing shots.
  16. Chest > head in my book. I think people underestimate just how much they move their head around and look at other stuff.

    I got nothing against GoPro footage. I mean, I'm not likely to watch someone's huge long bro-fest. But I can see why the guys who were there would like it.

    But to be honest, the larger issue isn't the GoPro itself, it's the general idea in video editing that "more is better". This was true with big old VHS cameras like your Uncle Frank used and is still true today. No matter the subject, tight editing makes things MUCH more watchable if you want to share videos with other people. Keep a directors cut for yourself or the guys in the boat with you. But make a short version for the rest of us.
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  17. head and chest mounts are shaky as hell. you really want a fixed way of mounting it (they work better in boats) or some way of stabilizing the shake.

    i can no longer watch shaky head mounted footage. head mounted footage is good when mixed with other footage like the following video (skiing). pure head mount video is excruciating to watch.

  18. Huh, I just "assumed" that all headcams/GoPros had anti-shake built in. My Contour doesn't shake at all, and has a polarized lens that's better than any glasses I've worn.
  19. The raw footage obviously doesn't but one mouse click fixes it. Some people choose to not stabilize it for some reason
  20. wrong terminology i guess... it is not the camera shaking but the wearer looking all over the place... making the video unwatchable even with editing tricks. bad footage is bad footage... and head-cam fishing footage is imo some of the worst.

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