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  1. For the Pinks :cool:


    Hook: Partridge GRS4A #10 (or equivalent streamer hook)
    Bead: Gold
    Thread: Gudebrod waxed nylon, chartreuse
    Abdomen: Tying thread
    Thorax: Veniard Llama mix, pink - in split thread (regular llama, with a _small_ amount of flash incorporated, is a good alternative)
    Wing: Whiting Farms Coq de Leon hen saddle barbs, dyed dark pink - sparse
    Hackle: Henny cock, dyed hot pink

    Hans W
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  2. The abdomen appears more orange in color than chartreuse... am I going color blind?

    If the primary colors are chartreuse and pink, those are the color combinations of the patterns that catch the most steelhead for me on the Oregon coastal rivers.

  3. Gene, single thread used to tie the fly and you can see the chartreuse thread color behind the bead. I noticed same on abdomen - likely a combination of hook finish and the llama altering the hue of the thread?

    Hans W

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