Got a new 3 weight fiberglass slow action coming.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Daryle Holmstrom, May 9, 2013.

  1. I'm going to over line it with a 4 weight double taper floater, any suggestions as to line. Just a fun little rod for a few planters and or pan fish, with lessons for the grandkids.

  2. Daryle - How do you know it needs to be over-lined? What make and model is it?
  3. Lugan makes a very good point. I have not found that many glass rods that need to be over lined. I am wrapping a 4wt for my self and cant wait to fish it
  4. I've got a 3 wt fiberglass and have tried it with 3 and 4 wt lines and the 3 wt feels and casts better.
  5. I'll go with your suggestion Jay, might be easier for me and the little ones :)
  6. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, said the birdy :)
  7. So nobody suggested any line:(
  8. DT3 from Allen fly fishing. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap and more than capable of serving you and the grand kids for a long time!
  9. I like Rio gold for my trout line. You could also go with Rio Grand, it is rated as 1/2 wt over so if its a 3wt then it would be a 3 1/2wt
  10. For my 4wt fiberglass small stream rod I like the Rio DT in 4wt.
  11. Well...yeah, it's hard to suggest a line when you're not telling us which rod it is. Not sure what you expected beyond a generic recitation of a few lines that a few guys like on other rods having nothing to do with the rod you have in mind.

    I have over a dozen different glass rods. The line weights they take range from needing to be underlined one weight, to dead-on the rating, to overlining by two line weights. It depends on the specific weight and model. Some rods like lines with a long front taper (Wulff TT, Rio LT, etc.) while others like a short front taper (Rio Gold, SA GPX, etc.). It depends on the rod.
  12. I would get a peach or synthetic silk line 3wt.
  13. I'm leaning toward that
  14. Didn't see any listed Ed
  15. I'll post a photo of the mystery Rod when it arrives today ;-)
  16. Mystery Rod

    I ordered the 3/4 but they sent the 4/5, guess I'll be going with the 4 weight DT

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  17. Nice, Daryle, but, who made it. I know my good friend Ron McNeal will be chomping at the bit.

    I bought a custom 4 wt fiberglass by with a Lamiglas blank at the Oregon show in Albany. It is super sweet, but 3 of us thought it casts better with a 5 wt line.
  18. Yellow should give it away, Featherweight 6'6" Eagle Claw $30 total A $400 rod will break as fast as a $30 Rod, Now to find that 4 weight DT
  19. NICE. My new Lami is yellow. Love it.

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