Got a new gun.

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Panhandle, Aug 24, 2009.

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    .45 Springfield XD. Anything I should know about this gun? How often do you guys clean your gun? And, are there any special concerns when carrying a hand gun in the snow and cold weather while hiking?
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    Clean gun after every use.
    Check gun before every use to make sure it is clean.
    Clean gun after walking around in the rain.
    I've heard that new hand guns can be fired under water, I would not unless it was a life or death matter.
    Congrats on the new fire arm, "Keeping America Free"
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    I have the XD 9mm and I love it!
    I have not had a single jam at all.
    Watch the lube you use on it in cold weather. I can't remember the type I use but it is made for Autos and/or cold weather.
    Use minimal amounts of lube on your field carry piece.
    Dust is more likely to find its way into your holster and ANY excess lube will gather it.
    Clean often.

    For my mountain/field carry gun I have a .44 Mag Revolver...about as reliable as possible.
    Taurus Model M444 Titanium frame. Weighs less than a quart of water (about 29 ounces unloaded). Polymer grip makes shooting comfortable. More powerful than a .45ACP
    I would be really hopeful if I had to shoot a pissed off bear with a .45 ACP...hopeful my shot was very well placed.
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    When I was in Iraq I rarly lubed up my weapons. The reason for this is lube, even little amounts, likes to collect debrise and other shit. Of course I was in the desert and sand was a bitch for getting into crooks and grooves and then sticking to lube, thus cousing the wonderfully lowest bidded weapons we where issued to jam at the worst moment (not all). I would suggest carring a little container of lube to apply if needed and not practicing with it un-lubed. If shit hits your fan you'll only need the gun for a few shots, which really wouldn't damage it. Just another option for you to consider. I myself prefer "wheel" guns while out in the woods or on the water, 357 mag. or 44 mag.
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    I just wanted to say thank you for your service to the country. Same goes to anyone else her that has served.

    Be well,
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    Panhandle, Great choice in a firearm! I picked up the same thing a few months back and have been very pleased with it and almost like it as much as my old 1911. When out in the woods though I leave those at home and take one of my revolvers in .357. They never fail!
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    I also own a .45 Springfield XD. Great gun. The lube I run is Break Free... teflon stuff. I think it would remain fairly effective even in cold temps. Try the SIG Forum w/that question.

    Because that XD is a double stack .45, its going to weigh a wee bit more than I like for packing around in the woods. As such, I also have a titanium frame .357 wheel gun for the woods/fishing.... light as a feather but a fairly serious round.

    The tough part is learning to make judgements about when to shoot and then follow through and shoot effectively under tense/tight conditions. This takes more practice, and thought than one might initially think (but thats another thread)

    No worries though... great gun, durable as hell... the XD will never fail you.:thumb:
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    Tetra is one of the best lubes I have ever used. Gun will feel smooth as glass when you rack it. Tetra makes a full line of products, all I ever use anymore.
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    Clean and DRY is the way I keep my weapons. All except the barrel. I give the barrel one semi-wet swath with a patch after cleaning everything else.

    Dry gun's don't collect dust deposits...
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    I would never run a gun dry, especially a semi-auto.

    I would rather be wet and dirty than dry and dirty. All guns will grow dirt in their nethers. The point of lube is to make sure that dirt and grime still moves and lets the action work. It doesn't matter if you're in Iraq or the Cascades.

    I like Slip 2000 products for a wet lube, Brian Enos' Slide Glide or Shooter's Choice for grease (anyplace there's metal/metal contact).

    If you're not using the gun, clean/lube/inspect it every month (or after each use) if you'll be potentially using it to save your life.

    You should check out XDtalk forum.
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    Well I don't have any extraordinary wear on my S&W 22A that I shoot like wild fire... MOre than 3K rounds through it now.

    But we all have our way I reckon.
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    Uhmmm....and you never clean or lube it, right?:rolleyes:

    Jc (...sorry, couldn't help myself!)