Got my first steelhead strike

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Vic, Jul 8, 2001.

  1. Vic

    Vic New Member

    I came to Kalama later tonight and stay overnight.
    Went fishing early morning. Between 6am and 7am
    one steely tasted my green butt skunk
    I saw flash of silver body and feel his strength a couple of seconds.. I was so excited and wandered so didn't set the hook properly and fish spit out my fly
    But no strikes in the middle of the day while sun was high.
  2. Rob Blomquist

    Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

    Congratulations! Its a blast, huh? Just wait until one runs you into your backing, and remember that you ought to be wearing brown pants that day, as some can get rather loose sphincters as the spool empties of line.
  3. skyriver

    skyriver Member

    Hey! Now you're fishing Vic! Get out there at first light as much as you can. First light and last light. That's the magical time to fish your fly. Much more enjoyable than chucking leadcore isn't it? Have fun buddy.
  4. Vic

    Vic New Member

    Actyally it was silver hilton, not skunk! doesn't matter but I like this fly more

    BARTOLOTTI New Member

    Congradulations. How did I know you were a "Dickson-ite"? The presentation thing, and " lines, not flies...", always gives you away. But, obviously you listened to Dennis. Now you know in full what I meant in my reply to your comment you made to that guy. Obviously your presentation went well, as did your fly selection! Lol. I guess I would recognize you if I saw you on the river...your the one with all the Silver Hiltons in his box! That was pleasing to read, because being a transplant from the Klamath River in Northern California, Silver Hiltons, Brindle Bugs, and Green-Butts were what a lot of fly guys used. Welcome to the team. "Team Hooked", Member #1,970,320 aka Glen
  6. Vic

    Vic New Member

    You're right, Glen! That's exactly what I've learned from Dickson
    I like silver hilton not becouse it better or worse than any another fly: it just gives me positive karma in the beginning of day :)
    Just few words about good/bad karma: I used to live in Russia where I was fishing for northern pike with heavy spinning gear. My rod and reel were looking cheap and ugly but I rarely returned from my favorite lake without a fish. And once I've bought modern graphite rod (expensive for me!) and so? no fish on this rod! It hard to explain but one rod cathes fish better than another. Maybe the same with someone particular flies?

    Another idea about flies is "do not use what most anglers use"
    If the river gets some pressure and most anglers use the same
    patterns (and release their catches) what happens? Could steelhead remember that "those little things with red butt and white hairwings tied on hook #6 bring us pain"? Or they so stupid so could be caught and released 10 times in a day on the same fly?
    That's interesting question

    Tight lines and good luck

    BARTOLOTTI New Member

    My buddy caught his first steelhead on a hammered chrome spoon, and from that day on, some five years ago, he has become a fan for throwing spoons. Without a doubt Vic, when the chips are down, out will come good'ol silver hilton. Same holds true with location, you'll go back to that exact spot. I am always recharged after a fly change, it gives me a new out look. We share the same opinion, as to not using what everyone else is. I've said before, find out what everyone is catching them on, and tie on something else. I think that fish wise up, steelhead and large fish especially; if not, they wouldn't survive. I'd like to hear about Russia sometime, that's pretty cool. Tight lines to you and best of fishing, Glen

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