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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Don Freeman, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. How long shall we let the petitions soak before hauling them back in? Any clue on how many signatures we have so far?
  2. THIS!!!!
  3. I don't have a current count, but we've had a good response. The next meeting of the oversight committee is October 4, and the "statements of interest" will be presented at that time. You can mail any signatures collected to the conservation committee at the address below. Please mail before the end of September, but soon is best.

    In addition to a commitment to participate in the fishery, we need to show what's actually going on in the sound at present. We'll be collecting catch data on current releases so we can present some idea of how many coho are caught compared to released, and where they go, what they are eating, etc. Stay tuned, we'll be organizing that effort plus some "Fish In" days through area clubs and shops.

    All this data will be considered in planning for future stocking, including impacts on other species such as cutthroat, blackmouth, any wild stocks and available forage.

    Mail to:
    South Sound Fly Fishers
    Resident Coho Project
    PO Box 2792
    Olympia, WA 98507
  4. How much do you know about this program? Do you you realize that both blackmouth and Coho are raised and late released for providing resident winter fishing using Puget Sound Recreational Enhancement Funds?? That The same amount of money will be spent on a mixed program regardless the ratio of each species, so that increasing Coho numbers reduces the quantity of Chinook? What is the relative impact of Coho/blackmouth on food resources and habitat in competition with "wild species".?

    Do you have any specific data we can use to document the "deleterious impacts on wild populations"? We are crying for reliable information with which to create management and restoration plans, so if you have something concrete, please share it so we can make decisions based on good science as well as good intentions.
  5. I dropped off a bunch of petitions at TED's in Lynnwood earlier this month. I'm planning on picking them up and mailing them in late July or early August unless Don needs them sooner. I need to drop by Avid Angler to see how the signing is going. I hope other WFF members will seriously consider gathering a few signatures as well at their favorite fishing shop or club.

    The process of getting this done in Olympia is tough and we need to give Don all the ammo (signatures) we can.

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