Got The New Rod Yesterday

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alex MacDonald, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. A few days ago I ordered a new 6wt from Aleka Sports, which arrived yesterday. Still confined to the little scooter or crutches, I wasn't able to really put it through it's paces on the stream, or out at RF, but I did hook it up to several different lines to see what it felt like, and am impressed. It's nothing fancy, but is a serious weapon! Very stiff, so it's not good for up-close-and-delicate, but I could really lay line out with it!! Double uplocking reel seat, nice grip, good wraps, well put-together rod, and I'm still impressed by how it blasted a 400gr Scandi head out into the next county. My switch doesn't even do that! For sea-runs and other like-minded critters, I'll bet THIS is a ROD!! Came with a nice sock and tube, too. This is apparently a new company, and their launch is half-priced rods. At 90 bucks, this is a real value, and I should have no trouble throwing decent bugs into serious wind with it. I was also impressed with the thoughtfulness of the gentleman I spoke with on the phone, who double-checked to confirm my rod choice, since they offer both a two and four-piece rod. I went for the two-piece. It came shipped in a bomb and gorilla-proof shipping tube as well, so it'd be really hard to damage in transit. Altogether, so far, three thumbs up for Aleka!
  2. Remember, you qualify for the handicapped dock at Rocky Ford. Probably the close in parking also.
  3. You know, I should check that out; I made it all the way upstairs today, hauling my little scooter around with me; maybe I can come up with a method of crutches/scooter/chair at good old RF?? Gotta think this one out!
  4. How much for a day rental, Ed?

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