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  1. Troutcreek

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    I’m considering purchasing a GPS to be used mostly for float fishing. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
  2. Grant Richie

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    I use a Delorme PN-60W GPS. You get good topo maps with the GPS. If you want aerial images as well you can buy a $20 map subscription and download all the aerials and USGS quads you want in a year. If you want the ability to communicate in emergencies you can also pair it with a SPOT and send out check in messages or emergency SOS messages. You can also pair it with a two-way satellite communicator so you can send and receive texts if that appeals to you. (Full disclosure: I sell these at our store so I may be biased :) )
  3. Brian Miller

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    I have found the Orux Maps Android app with custom USGS maps I make works quite well. I can create routes with waypoints, and it gives voice distance and elapsed time hacks every mile; all for under $5 not counting the phone. The 3300 mah phone battery lasts all day even when using the Creel Card GPS-based Android fly fishing log app if I turn off the display when not viewing.
  4. fly-by

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    I use a Pantech Element 7" waterproof tablet with the Delorme Earthmate app. I find it hard to get much perspective on the 2.5 or 3" screens of most dedicated GPS devices. You can download topo or aerial images (or both) for free. It proved invaluable when we were floating the Big Hole last week, took a side channel, ended up above a diversion dam, and had to figure out where we were vs the takeout. You can find the Element cheap on a popular auction site. With a decent case and a little care mine has held up fine. It's a little bulky but I usually just pull it out a few times per trip. It also pairs nicely with the Delorme inreach for android for two way texting, preset check-in messages, and emergencies.
  5. Stewart

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    I bought a $5 GPS from a garage sale for geocaching. The two times I wanted to mark takeouts, I couldn't get a signal. Both takeouts were in deep valleys. Will a new one do better? I don't even bother to pack mine with my fishing stuff any more.
  6. Grant Richie

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    Yes, a new one will do better. I have no problems getting a signal with my Delorme in steep canyons that are 2,000 to 3,000 feet deep.
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  7. skgvolkl1

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    You can use your phone also if you do not want to spend the money. Itopomaps on my iphone and iPad for 10 dollars, and you can download the area you are going before you leave so you can use it when you don't get a signal. I have used it for hunting, so it should work fine for fishing
  8. Jerry Daschofsky

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    I use my phone now, and most of the guys I know do too. You can get the maps put on it as well. Hell, have one of my soldiers in my PHWFF program who has a mount in his Kayak and a waterproof case for his phone and marks points when he's in his boat. Pretty good system.