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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Only On A Fly, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Sol Duc Spey (first steel on a fly was on the GR on this fly).
    Egg Sucking leach
    Muddler minnow
    Prince Nymph (and all it's variations)
    Good old Black wolly bugger (2 - 6). I like mine with a bead.
    I like to swing pretty flies, but often I fall back on big and ugly and I run two at a time (dirty ass nympher).

    Steelhead in the fall are like kittens with string :)
  2. just back from the Ronde, and what a circus. three times as many people and trailers than i have ever seen. still a week away from peak crowds too. fishing is slow, but there are fish. bring your patients and your pistol! can't wait for less crowded fishing on Blue creek at the cowlitz in a few months, lol.
  3. Wow! You weren't kidding. It's like a zoo and a circus all at once! I can't wait until Jan./Feb. when it's too cold for everyone. I think I'll keep trout fishing for a while.
  4. Gets worse every year. It's bad in January now too.
  5. Ya, too crazy, everyone stay on the west side. Fishing the Ronde sucks! Too many people, not many fish and it's getting really cold!
  6. And Sasquatch. Hungry, hungry Sasquatch.
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  7. Agree with SG. Fish the Spade with confidence, they will come.
    I also believe many flies work well as long as you keep it wet and stay in the game. The Spade is classic tho.
  8. one of the big problems is there are a bunch of dirtbags that leave their trailers abandoned down there at prime spots for a couple months, and use them a couple days a week. so here you are with your trailer and you cant put it near a view because some selfish douche bags left theirs blocking everything, so there you will sit, walking past them every day,to get at the river and nobody is even using them.
  9. That is why fire was invented.:D
  10. we contacted Asotin County and they require a complaint in writing, before they start towing them out of there, im told we werent the first to comp[lain, and this has been going on for years down there, so we wrote a complaint and sent it in, if you have experienced this same frustration, please contact Asotin county so that we can get these things impounded. its tuff to talk a guy out of slashing tires, and i dont want to see anybody get into trouble over these selfish idiots.
  11. Caught my first steelhead with a fly, many years ago, on a Sol Duc spey. Love that pattern.
  12. You can use them for the low price of a crowbar.

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