Grande Ronde HELP 11/2-11/4

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nate Dutton, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Well then! Let me be first say that you are the shit.
    Hopefully we cross paths on the water!
  2. That's a strange compliment. Back in the day, it would have been considered an insult. I gotta read this board just to keep up w/ modern slang.;)
  3. Mark, if you fish the "Rhonde" more than the rest of us, please do me the favor of spelling it - Grand Ronde - correctly. I about spit up bile every time I read "Rhonde" on this freaking BB. I know, I know, that's my problem.

    . . . and Robert Haig Brown - I was going to comment, but am glad someone else did. You young shits that never met him, read his books. He was a really cool guy. Not the best fisherman, but the best fisherman who wrote well. And while you're at it, pick up Ralph Wahl's Steelhead Shangri La. You'll cringe for being born after it was over. But you'll better understand what you're missing, and why it's so important to save what precious little is left.

    And pardon me; I have no credentials. I've been steelhead fishing 8 times this summer and haven't landed any, except in BC in August. And I know plenty enough to know what I've been missing, and it sucks!

  4. I loaned my copy to what I thought was a friend three years ago and have not seen it since. I guess I need to meet some new friends. It's a hell of a thing taking another man's Ralph Wahl book.

    Here are a few thoughts about steelhead fishing and are presented if fishing the Ronde now, meaning they are based on current water conditions. But first you need to decide for yourself why you are fishing and chose the best method to satisfy that desire.

    Is it for the pleasure regardless of productivity? Then you could toss riffled-hitch or waking flies with an outside shot of raising a fish if water temps are at least in the high 30's.

    If you want a shot at realistically catching a fish with the most pleasant yet traditional method? Try a damp fly using the grease line method.

    If you want to up your chances at hooking a fish or two but still swing, then throw a sinktip.

    If you want to arguably use the best method while still using a fly rod and fly line, then throw weighted flies under an indicator.

    If you are looking to catch the most fish for food consumption or otherwise, throw bait, swing spoons, or fish jigs and floats.

    As you can see, it really comes down to what you want to get out of your fishing experience. Rather than look for an on-line report or catch a glimpse of the hottest fly, you'd be better off studying steelhead behavior and learning to read water. You probably know some of this since you have already gear-fished. So pick your method and fish with confidence, knowing your next cast will bring a hook up.
  5. umm . . . that would be "Grande Ronde" if we're getting picky about spelling.;)
  6. I was wondering if anyone had imput on the tmc 2499spbl? Has proven to be an effected stinger hook? How does it stack up against the 2457? Thanks again.
  7. Andy, your attempts to bring threads back to reality are always entertaining. Almost always useless (not your fault)...but definitely entertaining :)
  8. Good question Zen and when an arguement becomes so irrelevant as this on has been, it is good to get back to a relevant question. I can't answer your question other than I tie all of my stinger hooks with Gami Octopus #6 or #4's. The light wire and sharp hook point make these hooks the best option available IMO.

    I have a question for yall....I have a new Sage Traditional 8136 and have lined it with a Skagit 600. I feel that this is slightly too heavy for the action and weight of this rod and am debating about buying a different line for it. Any "magic bullet" line that someone can suggest?
  9. OK assholes anyone who is worth a shit would know that owner drop shot hooks are they only stinger hooks worth a c-spey. Does anyone fucking know that shit? Mr. Chrome commands more respect than a standard Tiemco, more than this bitches. D-loop, river left, reach mend. Drop the rod, hit him to the right, and hand off the fucking reel!
  10. Hey Dec you want to tell me all your secret steelhead holes on the Sauk and Skagit with GPS coordiantes, thanks!

  11. Gami's are so last year... Get with the times.

    As for you new rod. I would take a inch off the line so that it is a 595 grain skagit. It makes all the difference in the world.
  12. I hope the bile spitting isnt old age... So joking I will try to spell right, and pronounce better. Andy is it the OOMatilla or Umatilla???
  13. Damn, I didn't know it was a fad thing. We both know that Mustad and Plano will make its way again back to the top in this retro day and age!!

    Actually I got a pm about cutting off 50-75 grains of line off the head to make all the difference in the world. Thanks!
  14. On the sauce are we...remember the 1st step is admitting you have a problem..:beathead:
  15. Gami's are like mustads were last year...
  16. seriously
  17. I'm still old-school. Look for the runs next to the tall trees with a log or two laying on the bank! There'll also be small willows along river's edge with some chum salmon bones scattered about. Good Luck.:thumb:
  18. Obi, I haven't cast an 8136, but my CND 13' 4" 6/7/8 Solstice works well with a 500 grain Skagit-type belly (actually, a WF14F tarpon line), and could probably handle a 550 grain'er.
  19. Red Gammi, #2 = "the shit"

    And I have some of the old (and I mean OOOOOOLLLLLDDDD...yard sales are great) Norwegian made mustads. Still love 'em (for trout).

    Remember Andy...drinking alone is generally a bad thing. Unless your George Thorogood.
  20. Holy cow Andy! Freshman year in college is supposed to be a time of relaxation... no responsibility and no parental supervision. Is there something you want to get off your chest? :beer2:
    I got a hug waiting for you on the Ronde next weekend; Boggans Oasis 9:00am sharp. :ray1:

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