Grande Ronde Trip Prep

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Ed Call, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Spent a little time getting 2/3rds of the boats that we will be using for the Grande Ronde ready. 14' gray cataraft on the bottom will have my girls side by side up front, me rowing and the wife in the back seat. Boat on the top will have Jim H on the oars, he chose to row the "gear boat". Ony used two of the frame modules for the gear boat, the rower pod and one passenger pod. One dry box is mounted in place of the front seat. Another dry box will be on the casting platform. Miscelaneous dry bags of stuff will be on the back cargo deck and cargo net.

    Boat three is a loaner from O-Rad. Rob, his wife and daughter will be in this raft.

    Nine days until we depart. I already have a inventoried and checked off pile of stuff in the living room. The clock and calendar is running far too slow for me right now.

    After a visit from Jim, I finished tinkering with the boats for a few hours, then tied up some flies for the trip. Hoping for a blend of trout as the trip begins and transitioning to bass as we get further along.

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  2. Steve Call Active Member

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    Ed, good luck to you and the troops. Expecting a great trip report on your return.
  3. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    Sounds like a fun flotilla. I haven't floated yet this year, but soon. We want pics upon your return.
  4. DKL Nude to the board

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    Ed, is that Scadden a challenger for the gear boat? I'd be curious to see picks of it from a top view some time to see what you have done with the frame set up. Always curious to see additional set up options. Good luck on your trip.

  5. Robert Engleheart Robert

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    Ed, sounds like you've got the 14' set up similar to what I'm putting together; 14' x 22" tubes, front seat will be IglooMax 165 qt. cooler that, at 41", fits perfectly 'tween my frame rails. Plan to have I adult or 2 grandkids fishing off this. At the rear I have the elevated fishing swivel seat & thigh bar. Working on side boards & flooring at the moment. Sure would like to see some more pics of yours when you get time. Incidentally, Costco has these coolers on sale for 89.00, best price on web is 165.00. While not a marine cooler, they'll work for me; hold ice for 5 days is good enough for me.^IGL MAXCOLD 165W-adtype^PE
    Also, I found some boxes at Tractor Supply that'll make a nice Drybox for $99; weather sripped lid gasket & nice hinge & latches.
    It's listed at 44" wide but that's at top. Actually 40-41" below lip. If you want a 37" box or spend more for an aluminium box, these looked skookum:
  6. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    Minam to Troy, or to Heller Bar? Doing the Narrows? I wish I could go....

  7. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    I'll take a few photos on the trip and post a report.
    The Scadden is an outlaw outfitter, 14'9" designed for 3.
    My cat is narrower, but my girls are still tiny. I'll need wider when they grow.
    My sideboards are PVC lumber. Not the lightest, but nice across the crossbars.
    We are doing Minam to Troy. I'd like to run he narrows, but not yet and not with the girls on board sight unseen. Maybe in another year or two.

    Getting close. Excited.
  8. isaacfab Member

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    Sounds fun!
  9. Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

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    It's down to 3000 cfs which is going to make things interesting... :)
  10. Shapp Active Member

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    what do you mean by this? I have done it from about 13,000 down to 600 cfs, and am not following your train of thought.
  11. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    3200 @ Troy today. Less places for the fish to hide. I've never been, but it seems like this is shaping up nicely. Weather looks nice, maybe a bit hotter than we thought. Thinking this is going to be great.
  12. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    hey Ed, I don't know if you read Mountain Buzz forums but an interesting post about a wind storm on the Ronde

    Had one happen to my guide in October last year, picked up his wall tent and deposited it on a smaller tent. Also have read similar stories about the Deschutes, Middle Fork Salmon, and others.

    One of the cool things about being out in the wilderness on a river is seeing the power of Mother Nature, whether in the rapids, or in the weather, or in the flight of an osprey plucking a trout out of the river.

  13. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Wow Wayne, thanks for the link. I know what NOT to let the two mothers of daughters that are part of the group read!
  14. Shapp Active Member

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    good lessons on the mt. buzz report. Always tie your boat off. We actually almonst lost a boat once at take out on the GR at Mud Creek. We had washed the raft off and had it propped up with an oar in the sun on the big gravel/cobble bar near the water. All the gear was packed up to the truck near the giant old Ponderosa 50 yards away. We were having some lunch under the tree in the shade when a huge gust of wind came up and throw the 14 foot raft out into the river. My wife saw it first and wenting running like super woman sprinting across the bar and goes diving in after the boat and snagged it pretty much at the last second before it was into some fast current.

    That being said, I have been on the grande ronde many times from spring to late summer and even in winter. I have never been in a really bad storm, nothing like the wind on the Owyhee or John Day. There are occasinal microbursts in the area as well as tornados. A mini tornado did a fair amount of damage in the Grande Ronde valley in the late 1990s over toward the southern end. I actually saw the tornado storm when I was driving back from the Wenaha to Elgin.

    Get stoked, you will have a great trip regardless.
  15. Rod Wittner Active Member

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    It appears as tho you and the family are headed for a splendid time. Good luck and don't forget to take lots of pics. I was with Wayne last on that trip last Oct. when the wind caused those problems. Be prepared. Have an awesome time!
  16. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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    Have fun, Ed and may you, Mrs. Mumbles (aka "The Boss"), the Mumble-etts & the others on the trip be safe. Be watchful of the ladies (and yourself) while wandering around . . . buzz-tails can be plentiful in that country (tho all should be on the shady side of cover in the present & continuing heat.). I just spent a splendid almost-week back on my home lake in MT . . . it was a rebirth & one well-appreciated.
  17. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    We have been having the river safety briefings at dinner, including the rattler talks. I think the girls are ready and will be safe and alert. I can't wait. Packed most of our camping things into dry bags and boxes today. Just a touch more and we will be good to go. I can hardly wait.
  18. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Boat boxes are loaded with most of the gear. We have several errands to run tomorrow, the cooler to pack, load the truck and hitch up the trailer. One final day of prep and pack before we hit the road. We've all been buzzing about this trip for weeks. I know Derek is floating it already, leaving cairns along the way for us? Tick tock, the darn clock just won't move fast enough. Projected weather should be HOT when we arrive, but seems to look like a slight cooling trend. High temps have upped the flows a bit during the heat of the day. Currently just over 3000 which should prove a fun time.
  19. orangeradish Bobo approved

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    The boat is all ready for you guys. The Yeti won't get here in time for you guys, though. So that means that I'll be sitting on it in the front yard making splashing noises until you guys drop the boat back off.
  20. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Have a safe and riotous trip!:D