Grande ROnde with Love

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  1. Just got back from my trip to the grande ronde, amazing would be an understatement, spending time with good friends and catch fish wasn't it; or me hooking not one but two steelhead this trip, the true high light was meeting up with leroy on monday morning and the time we spend on the river was most cherished, the knowledge, pointers, small tips and the wisdom he taught me, was how the two fish was caught..also thanks everyone for the PM, looking to meet up with all of you soon.. thank you
  2. Good Job with the couple fish to hand. :beer1:
  3. Well done!
  4. Don't show Stew your "secret spot"....he missed you...
  5. Jimmy, I can tell you with no B.S. Golfman was packed and headed your direction. I told him you moved to a different unknown river. What an upset bloke, heartbroken, crocodile tears and up all night just sick to his tummy. Jimmy send Golfy a PM of those nice fish you tangled with.
  6. two need a room?
  7. A padded room for you =:thumb:
  8. Trip sounds awesome.
  9. Indeed was everything I hope for and more, hooking into two stilly on the swing for the first time, was what i been waiting for, we hook into 9 fish out of 4 of us..

    I am not trying to step on anyone tails, I was told they are all tired and spawned out fish(may red, brown or blue fish), but that not the case, out of 9 fish one fish was spawned out. all fish was hatchery fish, all released exact 3..they were all quite chrome, and gave me a fight of my life, maybe its due to the high water or fast water or my blood was rushing too fast to my head..

    BTW Golfy... I am not too sure about Stewart anymore, he so caught up into these Beads stuff lately; I just not sure anymore, he my Bead up the river; so it you duty to take care of him..OK???????HEHE

    can anyone pm or tell me how to post pictures on here please.. thanks jimmy
  10. good job jimmy! cheers man!
  11. Sounds like a great trip:thumb: Glad it worked out for you guys and you were able to hook on some fish!!
  12. Glad you had a great time. Let's get some pics up!
  13. Ya, I wanna see those chrome march fish. J/k
  14. hello Pan.. not quite chrome, but fought great.. how was your trip to the NU???
  15. thanks guys for your help, on downloading pictures up here.. thanks

    heres some more
  16. Nice moves, man. Glad you had a wonderful trip.
  17. Good looking fish and great job. I guess some people just might not have a very good understanding of those systems or fish in them. Good for you to power through the BS and go catch fish!
  18. thanks RIck:

    got alot of help along the way, but It was will worth it.. I been chasing them since november, nothing till now; it was defintiely worth the wait..
    that why grande ronde will alway be this special river to me.... it was tough fishing condition, high, cloudy and fast water, but that didnt detour us from fishing.. 9 fish in three day,out of 4 guys and everyone caught fish.. thanks grande ronde
  19. Jimmy tell me you bonked those fish you dragged up in the mud and left on the beach???

    Otherwise, you need to learn how to handle fish your returning to the water cause that is some bad shit...I thought stew taught you better...

    They look like they've been clipped but still no excuse for dragging any fish your returning to the water through the mud and on it's side in the dirt...OK!!!
  20. I did! Is that not how its done? Man this one time at band camp.......... we fished the local river. Bead up a really big fish, mud wrestled for a few then we shook it real violent just to teach it a lesson. After numerous pictures out of water and a release the fish was so happy. We seen it later on the beach catching some warm sun and resting on its back. Its all good!

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