Grande Ronde?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jonathan Walkenberg, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Randall Dee

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    Just talked to my buddy who got back last night. He said the same thing, crazy crowded. Said it took him 4 days to be able get into Shadow and when he did get in, it was just before dark and then he got low holed. Just sounds crazy over there this year. I'm headed over on Halloween, hopefully it will have thinned out by then.
  2. gearhead

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    was just there recently as well, good fishing, but man.... what a crowd. i have been fishing there for maybe 13 years now, in the last four or so, the number of people seems to almost double that of the previous year, and kids its not gearheads, its flyfishers/Spey. i'm a bi-fisher, so i'm out there batting both ways, both sides hate me, Lol. i don't think the show: Seasons of the Fly, has helped, as they have episodes on both the Meth and the Ronde. i wish they would do a show on the wet side to disperse the fly fishing media mania.
  3. What are the camping options for GR? Shumaker and bogans are what i found...any other ideas?
  4. Jmills81

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    thats bout it....but some options are at the mouth
  5. TWD

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    right before you hit the river at Bogan's (before the bridge) take a right and head upstream. There is a campground on the river up the road about .5 mile and I think a few more up the road but they may be several miles up there ... maybe Oregon.
    The one .5 mi up the river is pretty decent
  6. LisaMfly

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    Heading back that way this afternoon! Wootwoot!! Trying to catch a BIG steelhead for my birthday. :D
  7. Jmills81

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    IF you and the BF are up on the Boggans section, feel free to drop by the wall tent above the restaurant for a we will be there
  8. steelheadmedic

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    Just got back from the GR Thursday night..landed 3 lost 3 not bad for my first Steelhead on the "Swing". Lots of people! remember to share the Hole's!!
    Purple or Black flies!!
    Good Luck.
  9. wheres my so hurt. its cause shes a girl right?
  10. Gorgefly

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    Were you there all day Thursday?
    I fished it in the afternoon and only had one touch. Talked to numerous fishermen on the river and at the cafe in Troy and no one had any hok ups that I talked to. The water temp was 46 and most guys felt like the temp swing had the bite off for a bit. I heard that the bite was better closer to the mouth but up near Troy it wasnt so hot from what I oberved.
  11. slim

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    I heard the fishing on the Methow is MUCH better right now and the crowds aren't as bad either:)
  12. We went and fished a little sat, it was crowded but not as terrible as bad as i thought. Camped out that night and woke up and fished luck. Talked with couple people but nothing. The fish and game guy said its been slow, most are stacked up waiting for rain....we did see one guy nymph one up tho. Sweet river, wish i could manage bringing my pontoon to school but thats not gonna work out. O yea, we were on the upper part of river, just around bogans
  13. FlyAddict

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    1st time poster...

    I was at the mouth of the river on Saturday, and it was an absolutely beautiful day of fishing. It was completely worth the day drive all the way from Spokane. I didn't have much luck in the morning although I did see another angler pull 2 steelhead from the river early in the morning. In the afternoon nymphing seemed to be the best bet. The rain this week will be a good thing for steelheading. I plan on making the trip again this week...

    Any reports from other parts of the river from this past weekend?
  14. Jmills81

    Jmills81 The Dude Abides

    It was one way farking cold weekend...but we managed a few on the swang.

    Masteranglertaylor....jesus it takes long to type that name....but stop by the tent anytime for a beer!
  15. Well, we are steel newbs but i guess we can call this one an exploratory mission as it was our first time there. Was that your big ass tent thing with stove in it? We drove by it a thousand times in little silver focus haha
  16. Jmills81

    Jmills81 The Dude Abides

    Yep that's basecamp above boggans
  17. Cougar97

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    Fished down by the mouth for three days, stuck a few fish, but weather killed water temp. It was 39 degrees at the elbow at 7:00AM. Snake is running about 56 degrees, it is fishing better right now..

    Tight Lines,
  18. Ethan G.

    Ethan G. I do science.. on fish..

    You guys were in that yurt-looking thing? Good to know. And yeah it was damn cold. Hopefully some more rain will push some more fish up to the Boggan's area.
  19. Jmills81

    Jmills81 The Dude Abides

    no....not the yurt, we are literally just above the restaurant in a wall tent...
  20. oooo gotcha. Yea we kept seeing that yurt thing. Well im only 20 and usually that makes "older" folks kinda think twice about drinking with me haha, not that anyone would prolly care in the middle of nowhere grand rhonde.