Grande Ronde?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by loganmike, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Any one been fishing it? Heading there for a 4 day trip a week from Thursday.

    I have been watching flows and Temps and hoping.

    I heard that the high flows on the snake will eliminate a lot of the thermal blocks that are sometimes encountered.

    Ok, maybe i am just writing this to convince myself there are a few fish in that ditch!

  2. I heard there are a few fish but it needs to rain a little....
  3. Go in at shoemaker and fish down. There are fish.
  4. Taking the trailer down to the mouth this weekend for the annual pilgrimage. A little early but I like to get down before the crowds and scope out the changes to the river given the high flows this Spring. I will be fishing the mouth up to Boggan's thru early November. I will report upon my return.
  5. I caught one about the fourth cast at Rondowa. I had spent the day catching rainbows with my kids upstream on the Grande Ronde. If there is one up that high there should certainly be some lower down. I am taking a raft from Minam to Powwatka this weekend to see if there are anymore willing to come to the fly. Link below is to picture of fish last Sunday.
  6. Good looking fish!!! On the bugger!!!
  7. cute kids and cute mule too.
  8. '

    Great photos!
  9. The mouth of the Ronde was backed up all the up to the Rock Gardens, Snake River was running high as Hells Canyon Dam is releasing large volumes of water in anticipation of Fall Chinook which spawn between Asotin and Hells Canyon dam. Nevertheless we managed to catch a Steelhead each day up at the Elbow Hole and Turkey. Water temps in the Ronde were running mid 60's during the day and 58 in the morning, Ronde is running around 700cfs a little low. The high flows of the spring have dumped a ton of grave into the Ronde, from the mouth up to the Elbow hole. The lower river is quite different than in recent years. It will be interesting to see where fish hold up upon their return in the next month. Back down there a week or so. More reports to follow......

    BTW is was 101 degrees in the canyon Saturday.......:beer1:
  10. caught one this morning at the State Line this am 5 lb hatchery fish *bonk* had another grab last night at cougar creek..

    time to think Chanretrells and coho for us westsiders...
  11. Rob, it was great meeting you Saturday. I am sure our paths will cross again.

    Take care.

  12. were leaving on Friday Mike and unpacking through the weekend. Hope your ready to fish this winter.
  13. Be ready next week after the GR trip. Be safe!

  14. gotta be tough fishing the mouth of the river right now, with those bobber guys yarding 20 or 30 fish a day next to you. too much for me to take, went up river where maybe the bug rods belong, lol, got a few nymphing, but atleast i had a great view, the mouth just doesnt do it for me anymore, there's like four guys that try and run the whole thing, fight everybody and just bitch about eachother, not stepping fast enough or stepping too slow. ya try to do the right thing, but the guy below will just camp on a rock, when ya get tired of it, and walk around, you get yelled at for low holing. gives the gear guys alot of entertainment.
  15. That is funny gearhead I was going to bring them up on the main fourm as a D*ck head spey group!!! Them guys just crack me up down there. Last week I got to the river early morning, they must have been in their tent trailer and when I was done fishing the run I came up the trail and dude says "What you cant see us camped here" All I could do is just smile and walk on by
  16. yeah, i guess d*ckhead would be a way to describe that crew. they act so damned elitest and professinal, but they only fish that meat hole/kiddie hole, fact is they are as greedy as the rest of us, but pretend to be better, lol.. i dont know why they bother stepping down, one spots as good as another where they fish. my friends father in law was just down there for the first time, he threw bobbers by the fly guys and gave me an earfull about them.
    off topic sorry. that river has fish all the way thru shoemaker and beyond already.
  17. VERY VERY few fish. Spent 4 days floating and covering every rock, seam, run, head, and tail from Boggans down. 4 fish. give er about 3 more weeks.

  18. I invented a spey cast that is sure to clear a 100' radius. Sounds like a good place to put it to use.
  19. Fished down by the mouth this weekend, Snake still high, caught a few fish and had none of the problems with other fishers as alluded to in earlier posts. Guess we were lucky. Attached is a pic of a nice fish my dad picked up. I hope he is not flipping me off......

    Tight Lines,
  20. There is always a few uptight guys on the lower. I got into it with an old timer that was pretty grouchy about me nymphing. I say screw em fish how you want respect the fish and others space and have fun. I will be camped at cable hole in two weeks in a black toyota tacoma if anyone wants to stop by an bullshit. Also how were the mule deer looking when you guys were down there? I got my mule deer tag just incase I see a dandy buck.

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