Grandy Creek Special

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  1. Roby

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    Hey everybody, I was told if threw a pic of this rod on here you guys might be able to tell me what it is. I found it a couple years ago on the bottom of Grandy creek While I was fly fishing, pretty awesome find:)

    Well here is a couple pic's

    Thank's for any help, Roby
  2. rockthief

    rockthief Fly fishing = food for my soul

    it is fiberglass, probably a 7 wt from about 1956 I believe. Best guess is a Conolon FanWing based on the seat and the grip shape.
  3. Roby

    Roby New Member

    Sorry forgot to say it is indeed fiberglass. Thank's for the help

  4. Greg Armstrong

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  5. wingblue

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    The reel looks like a Martin.
  6. Roby

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  7. rockthief

    rockthief Fly fishing = food for my soul

    WHen you visit there do a search for Pedley, Conolon Fanwing, and Jimmy Green