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  1. giant fucking wow!
  2. How about some more info on the new xi3? How does it compare to the xi2?
  3. Great friends, good weather, big fish; how does it get any better? Great photos, too.
  4. Drooling over the keyboard. I love the salt and love catching Dorados on the fly rod even more.
  5. The XI3 was very impressive. After fishing it for a couple of days I gave it to Ibn and “Hutch” to try. All three of us agreed that it had excellent power without any unnecessary stiffness. Comparing it to the 1090-4 XI2 it was much lighter and more responsive. It fought fish well and landed more than a few large Dorado and Sailfish.
    I know all that sounds like copy for the catalog, but you don’t have to believe me, cast one when they come out.
    I also got the chance to fish a new Waterworks “Vanquish” reel. Unbelievable would be the best description. At $899 I would expect nothing less, but that reel was worth every penny.
  6. Married?!? What a long hold out! Congratulations. Hey, I know; why don't you make your wedding an annual event so you'll have to hit Baja each year for your bachelor party!

    With deference to Pez Gallo, but this is the best Baja report yet, HANDS DOWN! Your sailfish opportunities, that will be tough to duplicate, as you know. I've heard elsewhere that it's a banner year for sails in Loreto, and you confirmed it. Many of the other stories I've heard the guys trolled their flies to get 'em. Even though that obviously works, given a choice I'd much prefer to cast to them, which it sounds like you guys did . . . ? And, on ten weights!??!? Man, you're lucky you guys only broke one stick.

    How many days were you guys there? What hooks did you use on those Shock & Awes, on the sailfish? Great stuff!

    Thanks for sharing! Awesome, awesome trip.
  7. Richard,

    4 days of fishing.
    Gamakatsu SL12 4/0 was the definite favorite for landing Sails while casting.
    Out of respect to Pez Gallo we landed no Pez Gallo…:rofl::beathead:
  8. Nice work, thanks for the peek.

  9. Epic & Awesome report and photos. Congratulations on the pending nuptials Ibn! Holy shit you have set the bar ridiculously high for trip reports with this one..............nicely done.
  10. Mingo, you hit the nail on the head. In fact, let's call this trip report the standard. Other trip reports will be fractions of this ibn report. Great pictures, compelling story, amazing fish. How do you top that??

  11. Next time! What you guys experienced is sick! That sailfishing sounds insane.
  12. Ridiculous!.

    Nice to see you had calm winds and were able to cast rather than troll. Great photos too.

  13. that doesn't look too shitty
  14. Oh man!! Great report Ibn! Looks like you had a blast.
  15. IBN,

    What a sweet trip and awesome photos!!

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