Graphite design in Beulah Platinum Spey

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  1. Just thought you might be interested to see this .
    Start from 4:00 time mark... see Bruce Berry from Beulah explain how 3 different graphite modules 42 million, 48m and 52 m are used in the Platinum series.

    Beulah platinum is one of my favorite rod series. great feel in hands plus super responsive and easy to "track" all the way from initial set up to follow through. Maybe it is due to those 3 module materials blending... I am not sure what other blanks are also doing this... any thought?
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  2. hmmmm do any manufacturers not do that? or something similar or dare I say even more complex? it's not an issue to be used for marketing it's just smart to use the right material for the right job.
  3. Just to be clear...

    I am not proposing "to evaluate" the graphite design... whether mixed materials or use single material are to each of their own... I am just "curious" about different brands and what philosophy(s) they are basing on...

    Thanks Justin, I hear you!

    FWIW... I also fish and love rods are made out of the fiberglass which are rarely do blending..
  4. Having had (limited) experience in the development of a couple of lines of rods, they all go through 'evolutions.' Like this/he doesn't/tweak that/no don't/more progressive/less progressive, etc. End game is the 'collective we' come up with something that says: 'That will work.'

    Best of all worlds? No that's why you usually have two/three versions of a given rod called what-ever they may be.
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  5. Cool video, I found the info interesting. Spent the day on the river with my 12'4 8wt Platinum, sweet lightweight powerful stick, over lined and underlined with floaters and tips etc, wonderful casting machine.
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  6. I agree 12'4 8 weight is another great stick! wide grain window and take both skagit short (20') and compact skagit line (26'). I am sure you have use the skagit short a lot Tim! :)

    To me, the interesting part in this video is the use of Boron material in the tip section. I am not aware of this. I thought no wonder the platinum gives a very impressive "clean finish". Not necessary quick, but it feel clean and straight forward, dampen really fast to finish the energy transfer. I have to state that I am a biased in my opinion here, I love the strong tip and a little bit regressive taper for skagit casting. MKS, Dredger and Platinum comes to mind.

    However, there are also times that I am really surprised by "weak tip" rods. The TFO Pandion comes to mind. heavy strong butt section and smooth and soft tip section. It excels in close in work and smooth landing (despite this rod is advertised for overhead casting).

    In addition, many fiberglass vintage rods are inevitable have soft tips, and of course there are no fancy materials at the time, and can't dampen the action as quick as other modern graphite blanks. But what I have found interesting is, by using different casting stroke, the weak tip also can generate some very impressive power and "carry over" the smoothness energy transfer. You might ask, why bother to use those vintage materials?... The fun part, to me, comes to the "juicy" fish fight in those vintage rods. protected sudden leader shock, feel every fight moments... higher landing rate due to the "stickiness" of the constant pressure.

    A story - Just few weeks ago, a very good friend mentioned in a PM there is "something for you" few days later, this baby - Bruce & Walker 7 weight 10'6 fiberglass rod was sitting on my door way! He simply said "thought you might enjoy this rod". Holy Molly! A elegant spigot ferrule, consistent progressive bend all the way down to the cork. I still can't believe a dream rod for a mountain river just arrived like that... Thank you Sir! Mr. super kind!! much appreciated! see video for rod action ...

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  7. Why Bachmann felt it necessary to point out the rod casts better than "any" Burkheimer, Meiser, and Anderson is ridiculous. Has he really spent quality time with every rod from all 3 builders? "And you don't even have to wait to get one!"......Lame.
  8. That B and W sounds darned interesting. By shear dumb luck Steve Gotshall (best know for his custom cut 'spey lines' got his hands on a half dozen 11' 6/7 vintage glass blanks. Knowing I'm a 'glass fan' he asked if I'd like one made up as a 'switch rod.' OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!

    Absolutely lovely rod to cast/fish. Glass is a blast!
  9. I did not catch this part... is always interesting to have strong opinions for future reference... I have to agree with you that Meiser (13'6) and Burkie (15') are close to perfect rods in my quiver. It is really hard to beat the casting quality and craftsmanship of those companies. I have a Anderson built brownie (7141) and consider it is in my " absolutely never for sale" category.

    Fred, glad to see the fiberglass material is coming back to TH catalog :) !!
  10. Good points all. And given Mark carries/sells both equipment ..... I'm at a loss? Save for he's a man of 'strong opin's.'

    God I'd love to see someone come out with a line of 'long stick glass' rods; I/my cheque book would be all over those. Only have one, a 11 footer that Steve Gotshall found some blanks and built one
    out for me. Total joy to cast, total joy.
  11. Godshall
  12. Roger that!! Spooling error, and I don't do that very often. (MY BAD!) Maybe thinking 'Got su all?' Just tongue in cheek. That aside, his lines are exceptional.

  13. Hi All,
    Ok i see him walking down the river flicking out a really short line, and saying how its better than "any" Burkheimer, Meiser, and Anderson, or possible i miss heard that bit, i work for the biggest selling double-handed rod range in the Europe, i won't say the company name, and i sure as shit wil never say a bad word about the three great rod builders mentioned.......... then again, i don't need to.
    Cheers Gordon.
    In the words of Alexander Grant....... prove it.
  14. Yep. A case of a commercial doing more harm than good. Makes all his opinions worthless.
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  15. Very close Brady, very-very close.;)
  16. Hey Gordon,
    Nice to see you post again! Agree what you said!

    I have seen some nice video about the DTX... Wonder if you guys have some new products out this year? I am looking for some "tippy" Scandi rods... :)

  17. Hi Mark,
    Scott and Andrew Toft (former Carron line designer) have produced a new range of rods and with the Pro Staff in Norway a new range of Shooting head rods and lines, we now have three ranges of rods from 12ft to 16ft and 12 new lines out this year, so all is going very well at DTX.
    We now have some Great Steelhead guides and FFF Board Examiners as Pro Staff in Canada.
    I am still reading and collecting some old fishing book in a bid to write the History of Speycasting, and the story of Alexander Grant by the summer of next year. and with the winter around the corner........ more old fishing books required.
    Cheers Gordon.
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  18. very nice Gordon,

    Thanks for the report! I will contact local dealers and see if I can get my hands on some of those new stuff... sound very exciting going on the MacKenzie..
    I read a book about Mr. Grant earlier this year... it is really enjoyable to know a bit history and his thoughts of casting mechanics... let me know when your article /book will be available. I will love to buy it. Mark

  19. Mark, glad you took my advice to read Fine and Far Off........did you learn anything?

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