Grasshopper legs

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Rory McMahon, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. I was thinking about the most effective style of legs to use, typically i use rubber legs with a knot tied in to replicate the joint in the leg, the thing is its really hard to get it come out as the perfect grasshopper shape, usually the legs go out more or they aren't even. I thought of the idea of just cutting foam to the exact shape and it would be easy to get it to look just like a grasshopper leg. But is the action of the rubber legs more important than the exact silhouette of the foam legs?
  2. You should tie a few of each style and see what works best. I'm sure that you'll get similar results with both but the foam legs might be harder to cast and might not as realistic and you think. I usually use pheasant tail or knot a piece of hackle and trim to shape.

  3. I typically tie flies that i can crank out a bunch of quickly, but i really dont think that tying the knotted legs makes a difference. I always just tie them staight in, x style. foam for bodies is the real deal though!
  4. i usually use real grasshopper legs, tie them in gently then lacquer the shit out of them so they don't fall apart.
  5. I use a hackle pulled back on the stem. If I need a little more action I tie the same fly with rubber legs tied in at the bullet head. Movement is important but so is the fly imprint on the surface


    This is a quick tie. You can spend a little more time on the legs by given them a second bend to simulate feet.
  6. good looking hopper marty
  7. Great looking pattern Marty!
  8. Ive got some really cool legs from Dan Bailys.There cast rubber,and you can tie them flat for a profile,or up,but most hoppers stuck in waters legs are out flat to the water.I need to figure out how to post pics.
  9. I have tried both knotted and straight legs and I agree with Jergens. I don't notice any difference as far as production. And tying straight rubber is faster.

    As far as REAL hopper legs... That gives me an idea. From now on I will be lashing whole hoppers to hooks and dipping them in some 5 min epoxy.:thumb:
  10. Wow nice hopper!
  11. The new salmon trout steelheader has an article on tying hoppers with jig hooks to get the legs to look like they are actually moving with the water check it out looks like it would work good and simple to tye up.

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