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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Kyle Smith, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. So my parents live in Cosmopolis, and I've been to Wesport about a hundred times. I noticed that right by 105 there's a large number of creeks that flow into Grays Harbor. Am I crazy, or is that delicious-looking SRC water? If nobody's tried it, next time I go out there I'm bringing my rod.
  2. It may be. I used to visit Westport on a fairly regular basis a few years ago, and saw a fair bit of riseforms in the evenings at full tides. I never seemed to have time to stop and investigate(like toss a fly at them). I will this year, though. I'm also going to be doing some surf/jetty fishing for "other than salmonids" as well. I'm favoring FFing in the salt more and more for the wider variety of quarry available.
  3. I'll for sure investigate. Newskah Creek looks pretty good, though that mud looks sticky.
  4. I have fished in the surf at westport, but not off of the jetty. The jetty is on my to fish list.

    Let me know if you have any success out there.
  5. Hey coolkyle, those small creeks aren't worth the bother. They open from June 1st to end of Oct, and are very small then. the cutties wait until they get water in them in the Fall (after they are closed) before they move up to spawn, then they are back out again in the early Spring before the water levels drop and the creeks are open. Anything in there will be either a small resident or a smolt.

    A better bet are any of the larger Grays Harbor streams...the ones with "river" in their names. Some of them just closed yesterday.
    There is often excellent fishing off the beach for surf perch, and the Jetty can be decent at times for rockfish, geenling, sea perch, and the occasional ling.

    Banzai, those riseforms you saw may have been Peamouth Chubs. Lots of those in the lower creeks. Some of them may have been cutthroat, of course, but the tidal waters of the creeks are infested with the peamouths...use small flies for them, as their mouths are pea-sized. Use the lightest stick you've got, too.

  6. I wasn't really that curious about the creeks themselves, but rather the areas of the 'Harbor adjacent to the mouths of these creeks. For instance, at Carkeek Park in Seatle, cutthroats hang out at the mouth of Pipers Creek most of the year. During the summer, this creek probably runs at around 2 CFS, but the Cutthroats don't leave the pseudo-estuary. So I was basically wondering if there are cutthroats that spend their lives in Grays Harbor. I know that Willapa Bay has buttloads of nice cutthroats, and Grays Harbor is close by and kinda similar in some respects.
  7. OK, chubs they may be. I've got a 3wt and 2wt. :) Primary targets will be perch and jetty prowlers with the big guns though. Got any suggestions for perch patterns, like a crab or shrimp, maybe crazy charlies? Thanks Jimbo.
  8. Banzai, Do some SJ worms. I know, I know. "Is it really a fly" Hey we're talking Perch here, right... ;)
  9. Pram-Man, as long as it ain't movin' on it's own, or makes ya wanna sell yer car cuz ya lef'it in d' back seat on a hot day, it's a fly. :)
  10. Banzai, Check out Dan Blanton's website. He has a great article on fishing for Redtail Surfperch (the kind we have here)...a must read for anyone going after them. Crab patterns, or dumbell-eyed buggers in red/yellow or orange, sizes 4 thru 1/0. I like sizes 4 and 2.

    Those peamouth chubs will often save the day with a little bit of action when the cutthroat are hard to find or aren't biting.

    The problem with the creek mouths on the bay is that they all empty onto expansive mudflats. I'm not sure exactly where to find Searun Cutts in the Harbor or Bay. I have better luck searching for them in the lower rivers' estuaries up to their heads of other word, in the tidal sections of the rivers...working any good looking cover along the banks.
    Some biologists I talked to early last Summer, who were seining in various parts of Grays Harbor, conducting a general fish population survey for the Army Corps of Engineers, told me that they got the heaviest concentrations of Searun Cutts in the lower Chehalis River. They only got one in their net near the inner end of the South Jetty in Half Moon Bay at Westport.
    I have some ideas, and a few clues as to where I might find some in the Harbor, but I have yet to really follow thru and check 'em out. :ray1:

    Allen, nice looking perch flies on the zen website. Thanks for the link!

    Coolkyle, If you are staying in Cosmopolis, perhaps work the lower Chehalis from a boat...there are boat ramps near Monte (Can head up the lower Wynoochee for a bit on the incoming tide, and also upstream on the Chehalis) and one in Cosmopolis. If you are on foot, try to find some access (not easy) to the North River somewhere off roads that head off Hwy 101 around Artic.

  11. I would like to float the stretch from around Elma to the mouth. My pontoon, a Fishcat Panther 8', should handle that. As well as exploring the John's, Elk, North, Cedar, et al. It's been pretty narrow of me to not at least sightsee in that area. There used to be a lot of wildlife to view and put on film around there.
  12. Banzai, The Chehalis is really slow downstream of where the Satsop flows in. Plan on an all day float from there to the mouth of the Wynoochee. A float for cutties I'd like to make is from Porter to Fuller Bridge (ramp near Satsop mouth). Never done it.

    The Cedar is closed to all fishing all of the time, as it is on private land that is closed to the public. The others you mentioned are worth exploring. They all closed on 2/28 and open again in June. Let me know when you are headed out here. Until then, I'm hitting the Jetty, the O.P. rivers for wild steel, and some lakes. For Searun Cutts from now until June, I will be heading to the O.P. rivers that are still open, the Canal, the S. Sound, the Pt. Townsend area, or the inner Strait.
    Maybe I can bust free later for some local schedule is going to be tight this year, as I am replacing my old '64 mobile (the "tin cave") with a new and bigger one. My fishing excursions will resemble impromptu guerilla raids, for the most part. Hope to be done with that before the 4th of July.

    I have a 9' 8" (10' Don Hill) mini-drifter (handles only 300# or one person with a lot of gear), and a 13' square-stern canoe(can handle two adults)...both work well with electric motors. I have a trailer which works with either. With two rigs, we can work a shuttle. Let me know if you'd like to do a float/shuttle gig sometime, as I can never find anyone who wants to go when I do. I usually end my trips where i start them, riding the tide in and out.

  13. Hm, Cedar, got to read those regs better. Thanks for the heads up, Jim. Maybe try off the mouth with the 14'er and 9 hp Evin. Sounds like a good idea about riding the tide up and back. I may have another fisher with toon who may be interested in such an adventure. My toon is set up for an electric as well as oars to speed it along. Kinda looks like a river barge when I do that *grin*. Must have something to do with displacement... I'll let you know when She Who Must Be Obeyed lets me loose of the honeydo list for a day. :)

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