Great boat names or accesories

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by tythetier, Dec 6, 2006.

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    While the name was never on the boat when I got it. My Arima was called Rudolf. The reason was it always had a very large red fender sticking off the bow for when it was pulled behind as a dingy by the last owners. The fender was in place for when coming into dock both boats could be pulled close together without bumping into one another. For the first 2 years I owned it the name kind of stayed with it till I just quit using any name for the boat at all and just called it my Arima.

    For years for an anchor for my kayak I used this 2 LBS solid brass weight from and old time weight scale. Amie now uses that same anchor.

    On the back of Amie's kayak there is a mop holder a model bassik m515 that is used to hold the fishing net. It looks like it was designed for the task and works quite well in fact.
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    My wife wanted a new couch for the living room, I wanted a boat. The boat was informally named "Wendy's Couch". That's been 32 years, and I still haven't heard the end of it...