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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by William Wallace, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. My brother and I went to the Snoqualmie today, went up David Powell road knowing river was going to be a little high, but still a great day.

    I am finding that I love my 600 compact Skagit 8'-12' T14! So easy to cast all day long. I have used 15' standard tips and also T8. Now I guess I need to find a Delta or something, once xmas is over and I can locate some money around or may have to trade something off for one. Money is tight!

    On the other hand, I tried a Cabelas TLR 14' 9wt and a 600grain Flight with a poly leader, forget which leader it was, but damn did that thing fly. I was really impressed with that rod, only down fall I found is to me the handle is to big. It feels uncomfortable even if I only use my thumb and index finder at very top of handle. Over all the weight of the rod was so light in hand and I give a 4.5 out of 5.

    My brother was getting some of his tightest loops I have ever seen with this rod. When he got his timing down (use to a 11' fiberglass switch) all I could hear from him is..did you see that and holly crap, other stuff I cant say cause it would look like, Holly &(&%%$ and (^96 did that 1*^&(^ fly, son of a &^%$, &*%% yes!

  2. 600 is pretty light for a 9wt. What's your preferred style of casting?
  3. First, it is hard to explain my style of casting! If you want it call it Skagit, but with a Wallace touch, I will call it my freedom cast. A snap T in there, cack-handed or not, perry poke if I feel like it and let it fly baby! I am fishing!

    I use a Airflo 600 gr Compact Skagit on my Sage 15' 8wt and I know people are squirming right now saying, holly crap that is to short or to light, but for my style and can cast without pulling anchor and launch it without any effort, enough said, it works for me. Plus, it is the only line I have for it right now beside a 525 grain flight, which also for me is a dream to cast.

    I know my brothers 14' 9wt could go heavier in line weight but why? If it casts without any effort out to 70-80 feet, do we need to go heavier? In my opinion no. I have always been one to stay to the light grains of a rod, just enough to load but not so heavy that I cant cast it all day.

    I know this probably didn't make any sense. This configuration works for us with the lines we have and we are fishing, when money comes around we can get a different line to try to see what we like better.

  4. Rock out with ur cock out, if it works more power to yah
  5. ????

    Interesting reply

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