Great day in E. Wash

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Ben Swaner, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Nope, the August fish were pretty white on the bottom. And, FWIW, they were from a West side river and a few days to a week (I suspect) from the salt water. Certainly not as colorful as the fellow above, but my point was color isn't particularly diagnostic of anything in steelhead (in my completely untrained opinion).

    I'm not sure about Temperature effect on color, since I would swear that unless fishing really close to end of the lifecycle (late March and on), the fish I catch generally look the same from about October onward. This true on the GR and on rivers well downstream (Umatilla, Touchet, Tucannon, Walla Walla, etc.) I could make stuff up, but honestly I have no idea why.
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    Thanks Benny!
  3. Ben Swaner Member

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    The steelhead just came out of the smoker and my wife and I are enjoying it as I type.
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  4. Ben Swaner Member

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    And no it's not a GR fish...
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    Nice fish man.
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    alrighty then.....where's it from
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    One of those "T" rivers in the South Eastern section of our state. Just my guess
  8. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Regardless on where he caught it, it's his first catch which deserves congrats.

    Nice job Ben and welcome to the forum!
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    Ringold fish look like that.
    Nice job dude.