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  1. I moved here earlier this summer from Nebraska where the closest thing we have to a fly shop is a wall at Cabela's with a few items on it and a clerk who probably never held a fly rod outside the store. I stopped in at Confluence Fly Shop in Bellingham last week looking for a Rio Outbound Short head. They were out at the time but were supposed to get some in from Fed Ex in the afternoon. Scott and Ed set up a new reel for me with backing and running line and said to stop in after lunch and they would have it ready. The line did not come in so Scott offered to sell me his at a nice discount. I decided to wait for a new line and they shipped it to me later in the week at the shop's expense. Thanks guys for the great personal service. I also picked up some tying material while I was at the store. I will be back.
  2. Glad you had a good experience, although I am not surprised. Most of my dealings with shops in my area are similar. They knock themselves out to make me happy as a customer.

    How is the fishing up your way?
  3. Not familiar with shortheads, what makes them different than pushing the rod a weight or two higher.
    When fishing pike I load my eight weight rod by pushing nine or ten weight line.
  4. Great post, Theron! I wish we had a decent shop here.
  5. The short heads are about 30 feet long and you use braided or monofilament running line to attach them to the fly reel. I have only been out a couple of times with the new setup but I can achieve much longer casts - 60 - 80 feet than I can with my regular fly line. I have not tried pushing my rods with a larger line. Maybe someone here with more knowledge can answer your question.
  6. Thanks for the info, I know now what you are referring to. Saw some guys over on Lake Michigan fishing this way. They were fishing the jetties at the mouth of the kewaune river.
    What type of mono are you using and how do you prevent tangles?
  7. I am using Airflo braided line. It is what Scott and Ed at the fly shop recommended. I have not had a big problem with tangles as long as I keep the line fed into a stripping basket; it is when I get lazy and let it fall into the water that I have problems with tangles and even then they are not bad. I am a bit of a hack when it comes to fly casting but I can cast this line a good distance. It takes a little time to get the hang of how to cast with this line but the more time I spend with it the more comfortable I am getting. I can see where a good caster could get 100 foot casts with this setup.
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  8. That Airflo running line is the bees knees! So nice to have a real fly shop in the north end.
  9. Sunset Amnesia 20lb would also work. It's very supple for a heavy mono line. I use it for tying nymphing leaders but it was developed as a hi-vis running line.
  10. Great shop and great service, I have learned allot from those two guys. Always nice and quick with the info.
  11. Confluence is a great shop.
  12. Slick Hooter or Varivas are good choices for a mono running line. I use Varivas on my Spey rods with a head and I get better distances than with a coated head. They lines don't tangle up as much. Are you using a stripping basket when you are fishing the salt? One handles the line easier and you don't get the seaweed and driftwood stuck in it from the wave action.
  13. Ever notice, with a shop like this, you buy this and that, and I'll take three of those and you have no idea how much is about to go on your credit card ... and you really don't care.
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  14. Good shop. Nice chaps.

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