Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Swap Beginner to Expert join in have fun

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by synister370, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. ok ok, there are some east coast guys on here..and we love our great lakes steelhead..

    I would like to host a great lakes steelhead fly swap.

    asking for 10 tiers. ill host organize and mail out the flies.

    I would like to make this a fly doesn’t matter from the beginner fly tier to the expert, if you think it will catch steelhead in the great lake tribs tie it up.I was joined in a fly swap and all I could tie at the time was a lil old sucker spawn. I have gotten 300 times better since then and learned how to tie some amazing flies from the swap. And use almost all them while fishing for kings in New York.

    id like to set a deadline for flies to be readyto be mailed to me by 30 november. not asking for anything crazy it could be the easiest fly.

    i would like you to include the Recipe so others can learn from it.

    synister370 estaz ribbed black deamon seed done
    ZACH M shrimp got em sent
    FLYBILL TUBE FLY got em sent
    MUMBLES get em sent
    X DOGgot
    HEADBURNER got em sent
    CHAN C
    dan dod natural egg patterns 20 of them. got em sent
    chuckngear got em sent
  2. I want in i will probably tie some sort of egg pattern
  3. awsome...

    like i said it dosnt have to be anything crazy...

    simple flies catch fish.

    come on guys..most of thses flies would take you less 30 min to tie up
  4. Count me in, I haven't done one in a long time. I'll probably do a tube fly, marabou, but don't exactly beyond that. Gotta dig through my materials and decide.

    Bill :cool:
  5. awsome!!!

    love tube flies !

    7 more come on guys...simple yet effective flies
  6. I'm in, probably with some eggs.
  7. I'm in, what the hell. I'm gonna tie up something that another member turned me on to. He recommeded it for steelhead and the coloration perfectly matches what my relatives use in MI for inland iron skulls.

    You have to calibrate me to size that normally are used in your Great Lakes tributaries though, size 6, 4, 2? What about typical weighting? Heavy for your chuck and duck?
  8. all depends on what you are tyeing up great lakes flies are small...

    i usually dont tie anythini bigger then 8....for streamers..and such...

    and we use enough weight to get them down...

    but tie up what ever you think...never know what they may bite,
  9. come on guys...

    5 more needed...
  10. How many flies should I tie?
  11. You can put me in if you like.

  12. x dog.

    what will you be tieing
  13. 10 flies and an extra one for the host! ha..

    if your tieing something simple like a easy egg be nice if you tie up 20 two for each person..

    but only gonna hold you to ten
  14. come on 4 more guys

  15. How about two patterns I have never tied before.

    Head Banger Hex and the Cerise Lifter? I found both these patterns searching the net for Great Lake Steelhead patterns. I think they both look nifty.

  16. awsome i have never herd of them...ill be looking forward to seeing them and learning!
  17. I'm tying eggs, Tequila Flashes, and egg- sucking leaches.
  18. Just F.Y.I. last swap I was in USPS lost my package.
  19. When does the USPS have to give up their United States name? Over time I've seen their services degrade. They should start sponsoring another cycling team or something because bike couriers get the job done better at times.
  20. awsome....

    hopefully we get some more guys to chime in and add some flies...

    i recieved a twisted stone on one if the fly swaps and i was and had my best day yet on the stream with that one fly.....untill it finally got snapped off on a run under a tree

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