Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Swap Beginner to Expert join in have fun

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by synister370, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. ha th efunny thing is i stopped useing UPS cause they LOST alot of items..

    i had a very expensive computer and tuning software for my darg car that was lost on a plane that fell behind somewere on the plane..two weeks later maintance found the package,,,
  2. whoops..i googled Tequila Flashes and hit images!! ha should of known better...some nice images
  3. hey i would like to join. this is my first swap and im fairly new to tying but i would really like to join. not sure what i would tie yet
  4. I forgot to mention, I'm tying my new favorite pattern from board member Cougar97. His fly is called "The Precious" I likely will tie one exactly like his pattern and another in a color variant (if I have time to tie two sets) or one smaller unweighted and another larger weighted version.
  5. I hesitated to join this swap, since I really didn't know much about flies for the Great Lakes. However it's been fun to look through the books that I have and do some research online as well. One of the cool sites that I've found, with pictures, is

    Another main thing I've learned is that the flies are smaller (4-8, at least for streamers and spey flies) than what we use out here for steelhead, particularily winter steelhead. It also looks like there are more natural colors and flash used.

    A lot of egg patterns, beads and streamers seem prevelant as well, but there are some that swing for steel.

    Anyway, I'll be tying a small marabou, with some temple dog and flash. I've got my colors in mind, and will leave it as a surprise I think and am not sure if I'll follow a specific pattern or just tie a smaller version of a NW fly.

    Maybe this will just be an excuse for a trip up there in the next year or two! :beer2:
  6. iagree That's a good idea. I have some variants, look totally different.
  7. I have tied up 5 steelie blue "the precious" and 5 purple variations of "the precious". I'm considering tying a third set in another color, we'll see how my mood goes. If we get more tyers I'll crank out another of each variation as the swap fills. Synister, if you decide to close it at under your target of ten tyers let us all know.
  8. Wasn't going to do another one but what the f. I'm in, something different, maybe new, maybe not, maybe it'll suck but I'm going to call it the DT's worm. It's going to have beads, squiggly rubber legs and in true chuck and duck a bead weight.
  9. awome guys!

    2 more!

    cant wait allready excited to learn some new flies, and get away from the normal flies that i tie
  10. Shipped mine out today.
  11. I think we should do two patterns each
  12. if you ae doing something small and easy like egg patterns then go for it but im not gonna make some one do two that is tying a tube fly or something bigger..
  13. awsome i will let you know when they arrive here.
  14. ok i might be doing an egg pattern or some sort of mysis shrimp. Either way i think it should catch fish
  15. the shrimp would be sweet...we got eggs allready
  16. Wish I could join, too busy at work though to committ to a swap, look forward to seeing your results.

  17. ahh come on. we have room for one more......
  18. Done, will try to mail them tomorrow. I tied up 30, 3 different patterns, 10 each.

    The recipe is:
    Hook, 4 or 6 (Mustad)
    Body: Ice Blue - Grey Purple - Ice Black dubbing
    Rib: Silver Holo - Purple Holo - Silver Holo
    Collar: Peacock Breast - Purple Guinea - Red Guinea
    Wing: Blue has no wing (the origional does, I just omitted it) - Black Yak - Black Yak

    They look a little something like this, sorry my photo skills and setup are weak!

    The pattern came from Cougar97's "The Precious"

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  19. nice!..

    gonna whip mine up tonight..

    i tie something a lil close to that but dub a light pink/purple ass on it...

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