Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Swap Beginner to Expert join in have fun

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by synister370, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. I know there are 9 tyers right now, if we get a 10th, there is a set for everyone, if not there are extras for you!
  2. hug kiss!

    hopefully someone will jump in...
  3. I have my first pattern the Lifter done. I will start on the second one the Hexbanger shortly. I am looking forward to seeing others. :beer2:
  4. awsome...

    i have my black estaz bead head "stones" done..

    im gonna do another one..a small maggot/meal worm fly...its a stupid fly but i have nailed more steelhead this season on it more then any....except for dan dods..egg pattern...that pattern this year has been un real..
  5. im doing a sort of bigger mysis shrimp and another flea pattern
  6. mumbles and dan dodds have arrived
  7. Do you have mine yet?
  8. Can I still get in on this? How many do I need to tie?
    Give me an address...
    Boy do I love my lake o tribs
  9. nope only have recieved mumbles so far
  10. My flies are done and will be in the mail Monday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing the flies! :beer1: I'll send a couple of bucks for return postage as well.
  11. awsome

    cant wait to see them i will let you know as soon as they get here..
  12. i only ended up doing one pattern cuz of some family issues that have been keeping me busy but mine will be out tomorrow sorry for the delay. i tied up a larger mysis shrimp pattern i found online (since i am fairly new to steelheading and live nowhere close to the reat lakes)
  13. package is in the mail.... fed ex overnight.... will arrive in the afternoon

    tied the kilowatt and threw in an extra one for you synister.

    black and blue son on a jig hook!

    cant wait to head home to fish my favorite lake o tribs
  14. cant wait to see them guys..
  15. Can we get an update of patterns and where this swap stands??
  16. Done should be there soonly.

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  17. Mine got in the mail yesterday and should be to you in a couple of days. I tied a tube fly version of the spring creek special in olive with a size 6 tube fly hook and a conehead. It's been effective out here for many different species and hopefully should work well in the Great Lakes. I forgot to take a pic, but will tie a bunch more and take a pic in next few days.

    Bill :cool:
  18. got em!!
  19. i got yours..

    so far all i got is..

    dan dods

    i got envelopes set up for everyone allready go..
  20. looks awsome

    ill let you know as soon as ythey get here

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